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Why to use the full Pure Nails system

By Tina Bell

Everyday I get at least one email from someone with a product issue, and nine times out of ten, once I have asked all the relevant questions, it boils down to one thing… they are mixing systems and not only using Pure Nails products.

There are endless problems that can arise from mixing systems. This isn’t a ploy because we want you to use more Pure Nails products; we want you and your clients to get the very best from using Pure Nails.

When you opt not to use a full system and then experience issues with your service, the first thing we all do is blame the product. For example, I’m always shouting and screaming at my phone or laptop for not working how I want it to, but I know the problem isn’t the device, it’s me. It’s because I lack education and training in these areas, which is the same for a lot of nail technicians who email in who have never been taught why to stick to one brand.

Because they have not been tested to be used together, when you mix brands, they could react. This can cause allergic reactions or chemical burns to you or your client, plus your service may not last and your client could return with chipping, lifting, or peeling issues.

Every time we launch a new system at Pure Nails, there is vigorous testing involved, which can take months and months to complete. All products are tested by a team of educated, experienced nail technicians, all of whom own their own businesses in busy, award-winning salons.

It’s not just the products you use, but also the lamp. The Halo lamps are purposely designed and tested to cure all Halo products at the correct percentage, ensuring no under-curing and thus avoiding contact reactions or dermatitis.  

Not using the recommended lamp that is right for your products can mean that whilst the product appears cured to you, it has not penetrated through the product. This can mean every time your client washes their hands or uses sanitiser for example, uncured ingredients can seep out onto her skin and overtime, can result in contact dermatitis due to overexposure.

All Pure Nails products have been tested alongside the Halo lamps from an independent chemist who has looked into everything including the functions and settings of each product. This gives us the security that we are confidently doing every thing possible and thus only bringing you the very best, high quality, professional products at an affordable price.

If you ever have any issues with any Pure Nails products or would simply like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact nailtechsupport@purenails.co – we are always happy to help!

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