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Pay in 3 Installments with

Which Halo System Suits your Client?

At Totally Polished, I have recently taken on some new staff including a trainee. I noticed that they all struggled during the consultation when deciding which system would be best for their client. With so many fabulous choices in the Pure Nails range, it can be difficult to determine which system is best.

Simple Manicure

This is ideal for ladies who are wanting to grow their own nails or get their nails into great condition. Some clients are unable to wear gel polish but enjoy the pamper and salon experience that a manicure brings.

If your client would prefer a polish or a gentle overlay with EasiBuild or Fibre Gel, you can leave them matte for a more natural look and feel.

Nail Type – any nails will benefit from a manicure.

Halo Gel Polish Manicure

Ideal for clients who have naturally good nails and want something low maintenance and quick. Gel polish is the perfect lunch time manicure for busy professionals. It can provide added strength to the nail and will help the nail to grow. If the nail is weak or flexible, try applying Halo Rubber Base Coat to help ease the damage on impact.

Nail Type – those with good natural nails with a free-edge to cap the gel polish are ideal for gel polish manicures. Shorter nails should be advised that it may not last the full 2-3 weeks as advertised.

Halo Acrylic Overlays/Enhancements

Acrylic is one of the oldest and strongest enhancements available. Perfect for clients who like to be creative, change up their designs frequently and have heavy-duty, hands-on jobs. The natural nail can grow under the acrylic sculpts or tips, eventually leaving the natural nail with an acrylic overlay. Acrylic has little flexibility, so typing and other repetitive motions can cause fractures, eventually leading to chipping. It can also be prone to drying out if a client uses a lot of hand wash or sanitiser, in which case daily cuticle oil is recommended.

Nail Type – nail biters, thin and weak nails, those who like to change their nail designs often.

Halo EasiBuild

EasiBuild is a hard gel in a bottle for easi-use. As the brush is in the bottle, it’s perfect for quick overlays and can provide a beautiful, strong coverage on natural nails, creating the perfect platform for gel polish or nail art. It can also be used to sculpt, tip or overlay.

Nail Type – ladies who prefer a natural overlay will love this. It is extremely light on the nail but still gives extreme strength to help the nails grow. Ideal for active clients or those who have their hands in water often.

Halo Elite Hard Gel

The newest addition to the Pure Nails family. This is a traditional hard gel system that can be used with a primer or base coat. The sculpting gel provides the ultimate strength in a base layer, giving clients confidence in their long-lasting manicure, and the one-layer gels provide a beautiful, soft colour to finish off. Halo Elite Hard Gel can be used to sculpt, tip, and overlay or over the natural nail. 

Nail Type – perfect for active clients who need additional strength and those with oily nail beds. Ideal for clients that are unable to wear acrylic but need something hardwearing with little to no lifting and repairs.  

Halo PoliBuild

The Porsche of the Pure Nails family! With its ease of application, ultimate strength, and flexibility, it’s a firm favourite amongst clients. Halo PoliBuild can be used for overlays, sculpting, tips, and overlays. Clients love how light it feels and are amazed that it has the strength of acrylic and the flexibility of hard gel. Halo PoliBuild is an ideal choice for beginner nail techs!

Nail Type – PoliBuild is a hybrid mix, meaning it’s great for pretty much all nail types. Perfect for clients that want to keep a long nail but enjoy the gym, sports or have hands-on jobs.


We hope this gives you some more knowledge about the systems we offer at Pure Nails. Please remember this is based on personal views and opinions and is merely a guide.

As always, if you ever need any help, please drop an email to our support line: nailtechsupport@purenails.co

Or, for training enquiries please visit www.totallypolishednails.co.uk or drop an email to purenails@totallypolishedtraining.co.uk

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