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Christmas Tips for a Stress-Free Salon

By Tina Bell 

It’s that time of year again when Christmas nail art designs are only a few weeks away. I’m already having nightmares about red and green nails with snowflakes and candy canes!

Not to mention clients coming in wanting full hands of painted nail designs in only a one-hour infill appointment or booking a tidy-up appointment with only 3 nails left!

Every year we have the same clients with the same last-minute requests, stressing everyone in the salon out. What should be a happy, jolly time of year sends us muttering under our breath upstairs to the staffroom where we punch the air and let off a few unsavoury words.

This year I have decided it’s going to be different. I’m going to get strict and not allow any last-minute appointments or working any extra hours until midnight!

Together with the staff, we have set some December rules, hopefully allowing us to fit all clients in for their super special set of Christmas nails.

  1. All nail art must be requested prior to the appointment. This allows staff to judge how much time they need and how much the set will cost.
  2. We will not be doing any soak offs or new sets in the lead up week to Christmas. This will allow us more time for nail art and infills.
  3. If nail art is not requested prior to the appointment time but a “little something” is asked for at the appointment, they will be getting some glitter and a stick-on snowflake. I told you we are being strict!
  4. If clients have lost more then two nails, they must inform the staff so that we can arrange more time for the appointment.
  5. Keep things merry! It may be a stressful time of year for nail techs, but it is Christmas after all.

Hopefully these tips help make your salon a stress-free zone at Christmas (as much as possible anyway!)