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The Scratch Stars Awards 2022!

So, it's that time again, some more behind the scenes for you! -You're welcome! This time its the Scratch Stars Awards edition. As you are aware the Scratch Awards have just taken place, and Pure Nails were sponsoring the 'Home Nail Salon of the Year Award' which all of us were super proud to be a part of! So that meant  it was time for the Pure Nails marketing team to take to London!

Let's start from the beginning! I arrived at my local station at around 2:45pm- I know, very early for a train coming at 3:15pm but there was no chance I was going to miss it!! I bought my tickets and waited at the platform for the St. Pancras train to arrive...

I think we underestimated how hard it would be to find each other on the train, and by we I mean, me. I walked up and down that train 4 or 5 times, scanning every other passenger for a familiar face.. and as you can probably guess, no luck. It took 3 stops to realise there was a control room separating the first half of the train from the second half. - I know, unbelievable! Rookie mistake... So, after hopping out at the next stop and running down the platform to get back on, I finally found everyone! 

30 minutes later...

We had ARRIVED! St. Pancras gave us plenty of options for a quick snack before we continued our journey across London. After a few stops on the tubes and a little walk we had finally got to our hotel! With plenty of time to spare before having to get ready! A another cheeky snack and nap combo later, hair and makeup was well underway as the party prep began! Time flew by as it always does...  A few selfies later, we all gathered in our hotel lobby and made our way to the event! 

We walked in to a sea of gorgeous dresses and outfits! We headed to the bar to get a quick drink and stocked up on the Pick n Mix before the award presenting began with Scott Mills- literally my new favourite radio presenter! Award after award was handed out and before we knew it, there was a quick intermission.. A quick stop at the bar and some canopes later it was time for our sponsored award! Tim got up on stage and presented our award to @beausbeautybox for winning the Home Nail Salon of the Year. A well-deserving winner!

A few more awards later... it was time for TINCHY! - yes Tinchy Stryder performed!! When I tell you, when 'Number One' came on... we all went crazy!  We became the 4th, 5th and 6th members of N-Dubz for those 3 minutes. Before we knew it Tinchy had finished his set and we all agreed it was time for bed! So, we headed back to the hotel for a good nights sleep! 

A few hours later....

Rise and shiinee! Time for a quick breakfast and to travel home... Train after tube after train and we finally made it home! - Maybe with a little iced latte break in there some where...

Check out our Tik Tok, and get an extra look behind the scenes!

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