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Pay in 3 Installments with

What does your favourite colour say about you?

Colour is present in all parts of our lives, affecting us emotionally and impacting every second of our days. Colour can affect our sleep, hormones, hunger levels, self-esteem and even attention span.

Colour preferences mirror what our tastes are or which cultures we belong to.

But did you know that just 20% of the colours we choose are on purpose?  We are always making decisions, from what to wear, what to eat, what to buy, how to relax, and even how we drink our coffees.

Karen Haller, a colour expert, notes that, ‘’The intensity of a colour is what decides whether it is energising or calming. Colours have many traits, some weaknesses, and most importantly, the ability to affect our life!’’

Your emotions are right at your palms.

Wearing some colours (even on your fingernails!) may even change your mood and the mood of others near you.

Pink is welcoming and comforting, Yellow can improve self-confidence and cheerfulness, dark blue can increase concentration, purple can help give softness and wisdom, orange brings cheerfulness, and red can be a real source of energy.

Which colour perfectly describes you?

To help you decide your favourite colours, we’re going to show you four different pallets and ask you a few questions that will help you discover what colour truly matches your vibe!

Springtime Joy

  • Are you outgoing, chatty and a little mischievous?
  • Do you like having picnics, barbecues, and outdoor events with your friends?
  • Do you prefer natural light, outdoor areas, lightweight materials (rattan, wood), colourful patterns, and glossy finishes?

(More than Two No’s and it’s safe to say this isn’t your vibe)

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Gleaming Summer

  • Do you go for delicate and soft fabrics?
  • Do your favourite home designs have a lot of handcrafted or wooden art?
  • Do you like satin or silky finishes?

(More than Two No’s and it’s safe to say this isn’t your vibe)

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Rugged Autumn

  • Do you have a talkative and curious personality?
  • When decorating, do you try your best to do everything other than being minimal?
  • When buying clothes, are you aware of fabrics that are more environmentally friendly?

(More than Two No’s and it’s safe to say this isn’t your vibe)

We think the Halo Chocolate Box Collection would look good on you, if this is your vibe! Click Here

Minimal Winter

  • Would you say you’re the cultured and glamorous type?
  • Would you say you’re well-organised?
  • Do you like modern interior design?

(More than Two No’s and it’s safe to say this isn’t your vibe)

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Naturally, humans are complex, and we are never completely one thing or the other. We are often a mix of many things, but with a dominant colour palette.


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