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Pay in 3 Installments with

Pay in 3 Installments with

Introducing Green Salon Collective

Today we are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Green Salon Collective. Sustainability has increasingly been an ever-important issue for us, and we believe this partnership will help accomplish our green objectives long term, as well as help the Nail industry become more green friendly.

At Pure Nails, to help do our part in the environment, we reuse shredded cardboard boxes and dissolvable peanuts to help package all our products.

This collaboration mainly involves us helping to introduce and refer potential nail salon owners to the GSC scheme.

The Green Salon Collective scheme:

  • Buy a starter Green Salon Collective starter Kit (Use our 15% discount= HALO15)- Select which waste streams you want them to dispose of for you and then purchase the right starter kit.
  • Fill bins with ‘Waste’- They provide you with designated bins to collect all your chosen waste streams.
  • Schedule collection- Once your Return Box is full, you can contact them so they can agree on a date to pick it up for you.
  • They come and collect your ‘waste’- A next day collection, they collect from pretty much anywhere in the UK & Ireland.


Who and what do Green Salon Collective do?


Founded by eco-friendly hairdressers, Green Salon Collective is the UK’s #1 source for recycling within the beauty industry. GSC’s main goal is to find the most efficient solutions for salon waste. The three best ways they take care of salon waste is through compositing, recovery, and recycling. For example, they use hair to clean up oil spills and they help generate clean energy using discarded PPE!

 Some of Green Salon Collective's ''Starter Kit''

GSC love educating too! They understand that nail techs might not know all that needs to be known about the environment, so are happy to provide up-to-date and verifiable resources that relate to sustainability within the hairdressing and nail industries.


The Green Salon Collective starter kit includes small glass (for nail polish bottles), nail files, metal and general waste to energy recycling bins, allowing nail salons to say NO to landfill and become zero-waste!


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