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The Perfect Holiday Nail Inspo!

It’s officially almost jetting off season, so we thought there’s not a better time to put some holiday nail inspo together! Whether you’re partying the days away in Ibiza or taking a much needed zen break we have got some sets to get your holiday buzz started!

Starting off with our party animals, heading to all the hottest parties and raves in Marbs, Ibiza or Zante? Then we’ve got what you need! BRIGHT, BOLD AND COLOURFUL is the way forward! So, here’s a few of our favourites that you can recreate using, Halo Gel Polish!!

Or maybe you have a lot of young clients all booking in for their girls holiday fresh set! Why not be extra prepared by having a whole repertoire of nailfies with the PERFECT set for every client?

 For this bright French Tip we would recreate this look using all Halo: Anais as a base, Bubblegum Pink, Bikini Pink, Oasis, Happy Days for all of the nail art.

This French Tip we would recreate using base shade, Elise, Bubblegum Pink, Bikini Pink, Happy Days, Powder Blue, Fresh Start, Neon Green.

Swirl french tips are a staple for bright summery nails, we would use as a base shade, Elise Bubblegum Pink Bikini Pink Fortune Powder Blue.


So, if you or your clients are dreaming of a wild and vibrant party getaway to the world-renowned island of Ibiza? Known for its electrifying nightlife, stunning beaches, and iconic music scene, Ibiza is a haven for party-goers and free-spirited adventurers alike. And what better way to channel those Ibiza vibes than through your nails? Get ready to turn heads and make a statement with these nail looks that capture the essence of the legendary party destination.



Up first we have another perfect party set, a hollow French that you could replicate using Anais as a base and Girl Power and Palace for the nail art!

Second up we have the staple colourful set that keeps coming back every year, the multi-coloured French with a lining of a similar colour! We LOVE these, how could you ever get bored of a set like this when there are SO many colours! So, how can you create this look using Halo? Let’s get started, Cornflower as the French and Powder Blue as the outline, then Bubblegum Pink as the French and Girl Power as the outline, Wild Fern as the French and Neon Green as the outline, Fortune as the French and Palace as the outline. For the thumb we think Dreamer as the French and Groovy chick as the outline would go perfectly!

Now for these lovely floral nails. With Elise as a base, we would say either Oasis or Aruba as the blue would go seamlessly, Dreamer for the purple, Bubblegum Pink as the pink, Primrose as the yellow, and Wild Fern as the pale green thumb! These are such a pretty set, perfect for a more subtle but colourful set!


 Onto the next, we have this groovyyyyy set, ideal for the party scene! Elise as the base, we would pair it with Palace and Prestige and then Bikini Pink for the Pink nail! Alongside our micro crystals for that extra bit of glitz!

Now we have another bright but subtle set, that would be great whilst using Jellie Tips! So we would use Coffin or square Jellie Tips with HGP in the shades, Elise, Oasis, Groovy chick, Bubblegum Pink, Primrose and French White to re-create this look.

Now these are partayyyy nails! For these bad boys we would use, Red hot, Bubblegum Pink or Bikini Pink depending on how bright you want to go, Primrose, Fortune or Seychelles again, depending on how bright you want to go! Then for that stunning orange we would use either, Palace, Hawaii, or Mauritius!


  A subtle but deffo trendy set is next, a great way to add colour to a shorter set but still be totally in, for the summer! We would use Bubblegum Pink as the block colour for these and Robin as the nail art red!

 The hollow French is for sure a staple for the Ibiza vibe. So for these stunners we would use, can you guess?... Elise as the base, Wild Fern and Fresh Start for the thumb, Palace and Fortune for the index finger, Bubblegum Pink and Bikini Pink up next paired with Powder Blue and Oasis, then once again Palace and Fortune! We are obsessed with these ones!

For the final Biza Inspo nails we have this set, using Elise, Palace and Prestige to recreate this nail art!  



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*Images sourced from Pinterest*