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Arabian Nights- Our favourite looks so far!

And we are back with a new collection!! Arabian nights has officially launched today! You can find your local stockists here or simply purchase from our website! YAY!! It’s so, so fun for us all here at HQ to see all of you talented technicians finally get your hands on our new collections and get creative!  As they have been months in the making, and a big shoutout to all of our lovely platinum VIP’s that have been keeping this top secret, whilst we were testing!

Which brings us to a small side note… Do you want to become a Halo VIP?- YES! OF COURSE! Well, we have launched a new programme with Brandbassador, to make sure that all of you VIP’s are getting the best rewards for taking part! So, a little bit more information… Becoming a VIP means you get your own personal discount, a discount for you to share with your followers, an fun and easy way to share all of your wonderful Halo content, and rewards ranging from Free Products, gift cards and so much more! So, if this is something you are interested in click here to apply and find out a little bit more about becoming part of the Halo family! <3


Before we get to excited and carried away, on our little side track there, lets hop back into today's blog which is… Sharing some of our favourite Arabian Nights looks, SO FAR! So, lets take a look at some swatches and see what our newest summer collection is giving… And boy is she givinngggg!!! We have a range of colours:

A stunning true orange, perfect for all of your summer sets, we have Palace. Up next is that yellow you have all been asking for, we have Fortune. Next is a gooorgeous green, one you just can’t miss out on, It has to be Destiny this summer. The blue of 2023, that perfect royal blue shade that can be paired with any skintone to create a show-stopping summer set, we have Jewels. Onto the 2 pinks of the collection we have Prestige first a pinky purpley shade that is so pretty and unique! Second up is Bliss, a dusky nudey pink, that just screams luxurious! This collection has got to be one of our favourite ones to date! And we hope you love them all as much as we do!

So, lets get to the best part… Sharing some of your Arabian Nights #NAILFIES!- I know, you can’t wait and just want to see them already! So without further a do, here we go:

We have Jewels, being shown off here. This look was created by: @emilysquires - Just, WOW! 

Up next, 

We have these fab-u-lous nails by @Gelalicious our in-house nail technician here at HQ, and i mean  *round of applause* These are stunning! Featuring JewelsPalacePrestige and Black! These are giving festival seasonn!!!!

Emily our Halo VIP has really been givinggg with these #nailifes here is another set of hers showcasing Bliss our lovely pink shade!

Classs-yyyy, We are obsessed with these, this collection is just so, so versatile. You can create beaut-i-ful nail art or create really clean, pretty sets just using a solid colour! @emilysquires

Prestige, where to begin... Look at these beauties by @byjessicar. Super-cute! This colour is such a game-changer! 


These GORGEOUS chrome and Palace 

set! By @Gelalicious 

Last but not least we have another Arabian Nights look by our VIP @emilysquires showing how well these colours go together! I mean Jewels and Palace- are you KIDDING?!! What a COMBO!


Sadly, that is all of the nailfies for today! - Don't worry, we will be back before you know it! So, keep sending in your fabu-l-ous Arabian Nights nailfies and you just might be featuring our next blog! 

To shop Arabian Nights just click the link! 

We’re always here to help. You can contact our support team with any questions, queries or worries at any time. We’ll always contact qualified professionals for the right answer. You can contact us here. 

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