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Cuticle Care 101

Our hands are one of our most used parts of our body, they are exposed to so many different elements as well as daily wear and tear. Yet they are probably the most neglected in terms of skincare! – Don’t forget about your cutes!

But what are cuticles? They are a thin layer of skin that protects the base of our nails, and not looking after your cuticles can lead to dryness, hangnails and even…Infections!! So, we have to give them a little extra TLC! If you’re looking to keep your nails healthy, or looking for help to explain why its SO important to your clients, then this is the blog for you!

If you’re a tech, giving yourself a cuticle refresh or a client and have been neglecting your cuticles like a lot of us are guilty of, hello! Let’s get into it and get your cuticles nourished and get your fresh sets looking extra boujee and staying on for even longer!

To start: Understanding those cutes!

Cuticles act as a form of barrier, which prevents bacteria and other harmful substances from entering the nail bed! – Pretty big job if you think about how many things you touch a day! From your keyboard in the office to all of the cleaning products you use around the house! Cuticles help maintain the moisture balance of your nails, ensuring your nails don’t get weak and brittle but strong and healthy! – and that is what we want!

Daily Routine:

Right, I am sure many of you have a skincare routine, that you perform at least daily! So, adding in something as simple as just keeping your hands hydrated can make a huge difference to your overall cuticle and nail health! Using a good hand cream, keeping those Phalanges (as phoebe from friends once said) clean is also a key part of looking after your hands! Products with vitamin E, coconut oil or jojoba oil are a few ingredients to keep an eye out for!

What to avoid… Well, excessive water exposure is definitely a no-no! So, when washing up always remember to stick those marigolds on and save your manicure!! Pushing those cuticles back to hard can cause a lot of damage, as cuticles are very delicate. But gently pushing them back after a warm shower/bath is a great way to maintain a healthy nail bed! Cutting those cuticles, a little too much… We know how satisfying it is when you get those bad boys trimmed, and it all comes off in one sweep! But overcutting your cuticles, gets rid of the natural barrier that protects your nails.

A weekly plan! Don’t panic cuticle care isn’t going to take over your night-time or morning routine! We recommend you, use a gentle exfoliation scrub weekly, you can even DIY this! We love a money saving method, all you need is sugar and olive oil! Exfoliating your hands means easily saying SEE YA! To dead skin as well as keeping your hands moisturised! Using a vitamin treatment is also a great way to get some serious nutrients to those nailbeds! And obviously OIL THOSE CUTICLES! Oiling your cuticles is so, so, so quick and easy and really helps to improve your hand/nail health as well as MAKING THOSE MANI/PEDI’S LAST LONGER!! And who doesn’t want their sets to last for as long as POSS?!

Here are some of our GO-TO products to get those Cuticles lookin' CUTE again!

Liquid Glass Top coat

Cuticle Feed 15ml, brush on.

Cuticle Feed 75ml, Dropper.

Cuticle Erase, 15ml brush on.

Vitamin Power 15ml, Brush on.

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