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Summer Nail Trends

Hello! We are back for another ‘Nail Trends’ blog… This time summer edition! Who’s excited? Because we are! Here you can find all the summer 2022 inspo you could ever need. We have been scrolling and scrolling through all our social media platforms to find you the HOTTEST of all summer trends to recreate!
But that’s not ALL… We have some even more exciting news… Just in case you’ve missed it... PSA: The secrets out! Our new summer collection is here!! Luxury Awaits, dropping online on the 30th of May or in your local distributors from the 23rd of May… You might be thinking “I CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG!!”- Well, we’ve got you covered. We are exclusively launching at the Beauty UK Show in Coventry on the 22nd and 23rd of May! Best believe we can’t wait to meet you! So, come and grab your favourite goodies at a discounted prices whilst stock lasts!
Now, time to delve into the depths of summer nail designs 2022! First of all, let’s start with the trend no one is kicking off the first-place podium… You can probably guess, it is… French Tips! Here at Pure Nails, we are the biggest fans of this trend. Seeing our talented nail techs share all their looks using our products is so amazing! 


If there was ever a time to spice up your designs, it's summer!! Grab those neon’s and bright colours and GO WILD! We are loving seeing more pops of colour in all of your fabulous sets! As I’m sure you’re loving creating them! Here are a few of our favourites… Swirly-wirly bright and abstract designs we are HERE FOR YOU! What we love most about this trend is how different they can be and still look so cute! Long or short, bright or pastel; abstract designs can really make your sets stick out from the crowd! (And this must’ve been the hardest selection to choose from yet!) 



Onto another sneak peak of our new collection, we selected a few of our top VIPs to receive the new collection exclusively before anyone else, all as part of our new tiered VIP system, so keep your eyes peeled for more opportunities to become a Halo VIP coming soon… PSA: I know, another one? We are currently running a competition to win the entire Luxury Awaits Collection! The winner will be announced on the 16th of May! Check out the rules and instructions on our X/Twitter now! But now we want to share some of wonderful VIP’s creations and because we are OBSESSED!!


An upcoming trend has to be… Nail art on natural nails with or without EasiBuild, a new trend we have seen popping up is of course different designs on each nail, but not only this but on short natural nails too. We think it is so cute! When taking a break from acrylics but still want those cute Nailfies, this is the way forward for you! Here are a few of examples… there really is a design for everyone!


**All of the colours used in these gorgeous designs are Halo Gel Polishes! Available on our website now!!!**


Keep those summer designs coming on Instagram by tagging #halogelpolish or over on our Facebook group.

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