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What's The Best Nail Shape For Me?

I'm in LOVE with the SHAPE of YOU.....

Let’s set the scene… You’re sitting in your favourite nail salon excited for your gorgeous fresh set and then…BAM! “What shape are you after today?” followed by the dreaded, “what length would you like?” You look to your nail bestie and complete panic sets in, a decision must be made! Well, it’s your lucky day! This blog is here to stop that fluster before they even ask those feared questions!

It’s not just the hottest new trends that you have to take into consideration. There are so many factors to bear in mind; nail strength and health, your occupation, cost, what kind of nail shape and length will suit your fingers and of course your own personal preference. You don’t want to come out of that salon and hate them in a weeks’ time.

You might be thinking… Why does occupation come into it?

If you don’t have to worry about nail rules at work, count yourself lucky! Some employers can be particularly strict about what length or type of nails are permitted in their workplace. For example, working within Hospitality, daily tasks as well as hygiene rules mean nails could be simply impractical (absolute nightmare)! Bar and retail work, however, might mean a green light for your long, luscious set, but in a fast-paced work environment, long nails could become a hazard. Catching and breaking nail extensions can be so damaging for the natural nail underneath. (We’re sure you can feel the pain just from reading about it- eek). So, depending on your job, you may need to pick a suitable yet stylish set.

So, what shape is for you? Let’s look into all your options….

Square- ‘The Classic’

This style is very popular at the moment, especially on shorter nails, and don’t we know it! French tips don’t go anywhere please! Square nails, if done properly are a timeless classic. Great for longer, thinner fingers as they have a slight widening effect. If done correctly using precise straight edges, as well as following the natural nail width, the risk of breakages or damage is significantly lower than with other shapes, for example a long stiletto shaped set. For all the grafters out there, this style is for you! Another great thing about square nails would have to be how cute they look on both short and long nails!  


Almond – 'The 90’s Baby'

Step back into the 90’s with the sister of oval shaped nails, Almond nails have more of a point at the top centre of the nail. These nails were incredibly popular in the spring/summer of 2021.

They are an example of a more natural looking set, and a common shape for short gel extensions. This shape is ideal for people who have shorter and wider fingers as it gives an effect of longer, more feminine hands. They are also perfect for longer, wider fingers but be sure to ask for the nail to be slightly longer than normal as this gives the same slimming effect but for longer fingers – to all the wide finger gals and guys we’ve got your back!


Stiletto - “The Cardi B”

Outside of the A-list lifestyle, stiletto nails may be less common but that doesn’t mean we love them any less, okurrr! If anyone can pull off a Stiletto set, it’s Cardi B, as we’re sure so many of you already know. Just like the shoes, nails like this definitely make a statement. Why not give a bold look like this a go? With immense detail its perfect for you, if you like to go wild with your creative side! The only downside of this shape would have to be the obvious extreme length as 9 times out of 10 they are incredibly long. Therefore, stiletto nails are prone to breaking and damage, more so than any other type of nail shape.


Ballerina/Coffin – “The Influencer “

Ballerina, also commonly known as coffin, shaped nails are what we like to call ‘influencer’ nails; incredibly popular and consistently shared across all social media platforms for the past few years. As an easy doorway to having long nails but still within a safety zone of nothing too bold and daring, ballerina/coffin nails can be long but still cute and on the shorter side. These nails are so reliable, and we think that’s how they have become most beginners go to nail shape. The ballerina shape is great for creating a pretty and delicate look as they suit longer fingers with a wide square palm, balancing everything out and creating a beautiful set of nails.


Oval – 'The Natural Cutesy'

Filed from either side in a lovely curve, this is a perfect shape for making fingers look slimmer. A medium/short length nail that has been filed into an oval shape has more surface area to get creative with designs. Whilst oval nails are loved because of the ability to get creative, they are also loved for being a natural alternative to those who are newbies to the nail world! So, if you’re after a more subtle look or even a unique design but with a natural shape and length, this could be the set for you.


So, if you’re a ‘90s Baby’ or like to walk on the wild side stepping out like ‘Cardi B’ we want to see! Tag us in all your ‘Nailfies’ and let us know who you’re feeling, when getting your very own fresh set. Keep them coming on our Instagram and Twitter by tagging #halogelpolish or over on our Facebook group.

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