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Motivation in the Salon

By Tina Bell

I often get asked about motivation in the salon and how to keep the team happy.

I have a large team ranging from beauticians, makeup artists, trainees, hairdressers, educators, aestheticians, and nail technicians, all of whom have their own personal things that keep them motivated. Trying to please everyone individually would be too much, so I turn to things we could do as a team.

We have weekly meetings to discuss how everyone is feeling and if there is anything they need or want to try, whether this is new products or training. If it’s viable, I’m more than happy for them to move forward with their ideas. It’s extremely important to me to make them feel valued and for them to know I listen to their opinions.

Another way to motivate your team is with money. I offer a bonus scheme for all link sales. For example, if someone is booked in for nails but the team get them to book in for another treatment on top of this or sell them a retail item, they will get some extra pay. I do this as 50p for one and £1.00 for two. This means, realistically, they could make an extra £1 per person. With approximately 15 clients a day, this could amount to an extra £15 a day, which is £75 a week!

We also regularly do team building activities away from the salon such as bowling and going out for food. It gives everyone a chance to get to know each other outside the stresses of a salon.

Having a well-established team that has your business and clients’ best interests at heart means you can confidently take a step back and take time away or try new things. I know whenever I’m not in the salon, it would be exactly as I’d expect upon my return.

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