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Expanding your Client's Adventurous Side

By Tina Bell

How many of you have clients that come in every two weeks for a fresh set of nails but opt for the exact same range of colours or a French polish every single time?

For years I had one client that would come in and only have French polish. That was until one day, just after Halloween, we had run out of Halo Gel Polish French White. Her face dropped. I explained I was waiting on a delivery but promised her I could do something she would love just as much, if not more! It was then that she was introduced to a nude, glitter fade. She loved it and this was the start of her more adventurous side! From that moment on she tried different nudes, which lead to pastels and then some bright neon… I had unleashed her creativity and there was no stopping her!

I still see this client every two weeks but instead of saying, “just the usual please, Tina” she now starts the conversation with, “what are we having on my nails today?!” If I had known that running out of French White would have led to this I would have pretended years ago that I had none!

It’s not unusual for clients to get stuck in a rut, not really knowing what else they like and so they stick to the same colours. Sometimes clients just need a little push. Try introducing a signature finger into their usual manicure and see if it will increase from there!

Life is too short for boring nails!

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