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How to use Reflective Cat Eye Colours

If you’ve not seen our latest reflective cat eye collection, Once Upon a Time, now is the time to get involved! These six stunning shades are reflective, 5D cat eye colours that will give your clients a mesmerising manicure in no time at all – all you need is a Halo Magnet!

The unique effect created with cat eye colours works because there are tiny little magnetic particles within the polish that, when used with a Halo Magnet, attracts the particles, and pulls them into the stunning patterned strip we call ‘Cat Eye’.

The Once Upon a Time collection is so highly pigmented that you do not need a base colour. Simply prep and base as normal, apply one coat of your chosen shade and cure. Apply a second coat and use the Halo Magnet, dragging it over the nail for 5-10 seconds to create your cat eye effect. Try with different base coats to see what unique looks you can create!

You can create a stunning velvet look with our reflective cat eye colours with the help of an extra magnet, too! Prep and base as normal and apply one coat of your chose shade. Before curing, take a Halo Magnet and hold it at the free edge. With another magnet, hold it at the base of the nail. Double the magnets means double the magnetised particles; double the effect and double the WOW factor! Cure your design and repeat on a second coat. Finish with Halo Gel Polish Non-Wipe Top Coat for the ultimate shine.

You could also try using the circular end of the Halo Magnet for different effects such as wavy lines. The possibilities are endless so why not see what you can create!

Check out our YouTube channel for a whole range of cat eye techniques! Don’t forget to tag us in your creations on Facebook and Instagram – we can’t wait to see!

If you ever need technical help or support, please get in touch with our team by emailing us here.

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