Purity Bonder 15ml

SKU: N2282

SKU: N2282


Step by Step - One Colour application

  • Prepare the natural nail by pushing back and removing the cuticle using the Pure Nails Manicure Tool and Pure Nails Cuticle Erase.
  • Using a Pure Nails 240 grit Black Foam file, shape the free edge and gently remove the surface shine of the natural nail.
  • Brush away any dust and debris using a Pure Nails Manicure Brush.
  • If adding length, apply chosen Pure Nails tips, cut to length and blend if required.
  • Liberally apply Pure Nails Nail Prep Plus onto a cellulose nail wipe and scrub into the nail plate to remove any dust and surface oils.
  • Apply Purity Bonder to all nails. Use with care and do not allow the Bonder to flood into surrounding soft tissue. Pick up a bead of Purity Gel with your Pure Nails Nylon Gel brush the bead needs to be approximately half the size of the nail plate.
  • Place the bead onto the middle of the nail and use your brush to gently tease the bead into place, covering the entire nail.
  • Repeat on all fingers of one hand.
  • Place the hand under a Pure Nails 36 watt UV lamp for 3 minutes.
  • While the first hand is curing, repeat the application on the second hand.
  • Once the fingers are cured, repeat the application on both thumbs.
  • Apply a second layer of gel, this layer should be to perfect the coverage and the apex, the first layer should have built the strength into the overlay. Work following the same process as the initial application, curing the fingers and then the thumbs.
  • The nails should now be covered with a strong and structured application of Purity Gel with a free margin being left around the side wall and cuticle area.
  • Apply Pure Nails UV Gel Wipe to a Cellulose Nail Wipe and wipe over the surface of the nail to remove the sticky residue. If necessary, file into shape using a Pure Nails Long Life Nail File, the surface of the nail should be smooth and even, use a White Block to remove any surface scratches.
  • Apply a layer of Purity Quick Shine to the fingers of one hand and cure for 3 minutes, followed by the second hand and then the thumbs. Finish the application with Pure Nails Cuticle Feed to rehydrate the nail.

Halo Gel Polish couldn’t be easier to apply. For maximum wear, follow our step by step!

  1. Prepare the nails by shaping, doing cuticle work and removing surface shine with our Halo Elite Yellow Block (220 grit). Make sure you remove the shine at the sidewalls and around the cuticle.
  2. Use our Halo Prep & Scrub to remove any dust and oils from the nail plate.
  3. Apply a Halo Base Coat in a thin layer. Remember to cap the free edge!
  4. Cure for 30 seconds in a Halo Smart Lamp. 
  5. Pick your fave Halo Gel Polish colour and apply a thin later to the nail, remembering again to cap that free edge.
  6. Cure for 30 seconds in a Halo Smart Lamp.
  7. Apply a second thin layer of your chosen Halo Gel Polish, seal the free edge and cure for 30 seconds.
  8. Apply a thin layer of your chosen Halo Top Coat, sealing the free edge and cure for 30 seconds.
  9. Some of our Top Coats need their sticky layer removing with a Lint-Free Pad and Pure Nails Gel Wipe.
  10. Apply Pure Nails Cuticle Feed once the manicure has finished.