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Why you shouldn't pick your Gel Polish

We know, it’s tempting to pick off your two-week old gel polish. Like, really tempting. But did you know the damage you could cause to your natural nails by doing so?

When you pick off your gel polish, you’re also picking away at and removing the top layer of your natural nails too, damaging and weakening them as you go, making them more prone to cracking, breaking and odd textures.

It can take months to reverse the damage created by picking off your gel polish as you wait for the healthy nail to grow out. Help yourself resist temptation by looking after your fresh manicure; wear gloves when cleaning, use cuticle oil and don’t use your nails as tools! These steps will help prevent your hands and nails from becoming dry and your gel polish from chipping.

If you're at the point of no return and need help fast, here's how to get them back to tip-top condition:

1. Gently shape and buff your nails with our 240/240 Halo Elite Buffer. This will smooth out any irregular textures and help prevent peeling. 

2. Steer clear from gel polish for a while and give your nails time to repair. 

3. Keep your nails short to avoid further damage.

4. Hydrate your nail plates with Halo Cuticle Oil at least twice a day. This will help to smooth over the nail and improve overall appearance. 

5. Don't be tempted to pick at your cuticles! Cuticles help to protect the new nail growing beneath,; keeping them hydrated and pushed back is ideal. 

6. Visit your nail tech. They'll be able to advise the best plan of action to get your nails back to normal with regular manicures and a treatment plan. 

If your gel polish has started to lift, it’s probably time for a new set or removal. We’d highly recommend giving your nail tech a call and getting booked in. This is the safest way to ensure your gel manicure is removed correctly and efficiently. If you can’t get booked in, your nail tech can help you with some at home removal tips. We’d also advise making sure you keep your nails hydrated with some cuticle oil after removal.

Whether you’ve already picked off your gel manicure or you’re trying to avoid it, the answer is always cuticle oil and a good nail tech.

For more information, you can contact our support team at nailtechsupport@purenails.co

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