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Why Cracks can appear in Gel Polish

If you’ve ever experienced cracks within your gel polish, don’t worry, you are not alone! Even if your manicure looked perfect when it was applied, cracks can sometimes appear through the middle of the nail or around the edges. Ultimately, it comes down to preparation and how the polish is applied.

Whilst applying polish in thicker coats may seem like it creates a strong barrier, thin and even coats of polish is the best way to avoid cracks from appearing. Proper structure and apex placement of the nail can help to avoid gel polish cracking. A nail structure that is too flat will experience cracking in the stress zone and sidewalls. Gel polish should be blended perfectly flush into the cuticle of the nail, with majority of product placed over the stress area and a thinner amount of polish towards the free edge. Over-filing the sidewall structure of the nail during your prep can also cause gel polish to crack as it can weaken the nail bed and sidewalls.

If it is your client who is experiencing cracks within their gel polish, it may be because they are being too ‘hands-on’. Experiment with different products to see if anything can help their Mani last that little bit longer. Halo Mega Bond is the ideal base coat for clients that are prone to lifting, chipping and cracking. Remember to tell clients that their nails should never be used as tools and, if they are, cracking cannot be avoided.

Asking clients to maintain moisture within their Mani post-application will ensure nails and polish do not become dry and brittle. Regularly applying Pure Nails Cuticle Feed is a great way to revitalise and  maintain healthy levels of moisture in gel polished nails.

If you and your client are doing all the right things to avoid cracks in your gel polish, why not contact our Head of Support, Tina Bell, for more help? You can email her here.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact the team here or via our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

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