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What does it mean if your Client has Greenies?

Pseudomonas, or as they are more commonly known, greenies, are a common bacterial infection found in moist environments, such as under artificial nails that have lifted.

Pseudomonas are are not often a cause for concern when present on a nail bed. Nail enhancements that have lifted will create small, sometimes unnoticeable gaps between the natural nail plate and the artificial enhancement, where moisture will begin to build every time the hands come into contact with water, and the moisture is the ideal place for the greenie bacteria to grow.

Greenies are not only susceptible to those who enjoy an acrylic manicure or gel polish; they can also develop on natural nails that are free of enhancements if the nail plate has lifted from the nail bed.

Greenies are also commonly found in nails that have been damaged in some way or nails that have not had bacteria completely removed prior to the application of enhancements. Greenies can be avoided by both clients and nail technicians ensuring hands have been washed thoroughly and that all manicure equipment has been correctly disinfected or disposed of.

Fortunately, the treatment of greenies for is quick and easy. Any enhancements should be removed. It is hugely important that the nail is then kept dry to prevent further spread of bacteria and that the nail is kept free from enhancements until it has healed. Ensure clients are aware that stains from greenies can take months to grow out and if it seems like the discolouration is spreading, a doctor should be contacted.

The good news is that pseudomonas do not require treatment; they will disperse on their own without antibiotics, cream or ointment. Once airborne, the bacteria die, and the stain is left to grow out naturally without harm.

Your prep and application will help to avoid greenies from appearing on your clients, so ensure you are as thorough as can be.

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