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Different Ways Nail Tech's Can Keep Themselves Busy During Lockdown 3.0

Here we go again, back in Lockdown, think we may be having a Deja-vu ... it only feels like I've blinked since I was last writing a blog about being in lockdown 2.0! 



I have officially worked more from my dining room table in the past year then I have my salon- who would have thought it! Once again, I have taken over the dining room with my complete Halo collection- just as well I have an understanding partner and family as for the foreseeable, they will be back to eating from trays on their knees! 


Even though we knew this lockdown was coming, it still didn’t make it any easier. Packing up the salon again after such an amazingly busy Christmas period, left me feeling stressed, miserable and fed-up. I knew if I was feeling this way about the current climate, then so would the rest of my team. First thing I did was call all the Pure Nails ambassadors for a good rant, moan and laugh which put me back on track, creating some fabulous ideas and extremely left me feeling so motivated. Over the past year, we have all gone through some sort of breakdown, suffered from anxiety, insomnia and/or depression. Some of us have started to seek counselling/therapy to help with the stress and worry we have had regarding our salons and business- which I urge anyone to do who feel as though they are struggling. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to be kind and talk about how you are truly feeling. We all need to support each other through these difficult times, reach out friends, other nail technicians and family member to have a good old rant and check-in with them to see how they're doing. 


I'm going to share with you in with a few activities that have been helped me to fill my time.


Keep In Contact:


Firstly, I make sure I talk to friends, family and the Halo Ambassadors. This is so important as it helps us feel less isolated- you can talk about anything from worries, to just simply how your day. A problem shared is a problem halved- and nothing seems as bad once you have spoken about it. 


Create Removal Kits:


I have been keeping busy by making up little nail removal kits for my clients, which they can purchase from me. I can post them to my clients or drop them off at their doorstep. Within this kit, I have also included a Pure Nails Cuticle Feed, to help nourish their nails until we open again.


My beautician has also been doing this for lashes, a little removal kit with a lash nourishment serum to get their lashes in good condition ready for their new set of extensions. 


Create A Routine: 


To keep myself on track, I have tried to stick to a routine which is similar to what I would do if I was at the salon- this helps keep me motivated and gives me a reason to get dressed every day. It’s so easy to sit in your PJs all day- which once in a while is perfect, we all need a to take it easy from time to time and a Netflix day can solve this. However, doing this daily would soon promote me to get into one big slump, I would also find myself getting extremely demotivated and fed-up. Once ready, I have been using my time to try out different designs that I have always wanted to recreate; this has helped me to keep my Instagram running as I have new content to post daily and my clients have been loving the new designs and also appreciated me keeping in touch via Instagram. I then go on to product testing- I love looking for new things to try and bring into my salon; this helps to keep my salon up-to-date with the latest trends. 




If you are an experienced Nail Technician, why not use this time to offer some online training? This is something I have been investing some of my time to; I have found that loads of nail technicians want to take this time to focus on skills they have been struggling with.


Pure Nails- Get Involved: 


During all three lockdowns, Pure Nails have been offering FREE workshops every Wednesday at 7 PM via Instagram lives. Myself, Tina Bell- The Head of Education at Pure Nails, has been running every workshop on behalf of Pure Nails and each week our feedback from the workshops have been amazing! We have been able to help so many of you upskill, and also help you sort out any problems you have been struggling with. I would highly recommend these lives- even though I may be a little basis. We have started a series of workshops called 'Going Back To Basics' where we simplify different systems and break down each step, to help make your life as a nail technician easier. If you aren't able to make our Instagram live at 7 PM every Wednesday- don't worry, we save them on our IGTV!


Pure Nails have also been offering a Halo Lockdown Challenge, for the chance to win a Pure Nails gift voucher. This has also been so popular as it's given you a reason to get out your nail kits and experiment- also promoting creativity! We love seeing all the work you create!




Why not take this time to upskill yourself? This is the perfect time to learn something you've always wanted to learn. That may be nail art, acrylics, builder gel... the list goes on. There are loads of online courses you could take part in, so use this time to your advantage- there are even some free ones about! Halo offers training for all products which we release, alongside this training, we also offer 24/7 support! 


Practice Makes Perfect:


Practice systems you're not 100% confident in- your clients will be so grateful for this once you can go back and work again. 




One of my favourite things to do is to plan and fill out my new 2021 diary. Putting in any beauty shows I want to attend in, any specific personal dates, events and hopefully holidays- I love planning the year ahead as it gives me a focus to work towards and look forward too. 


For any advice regarding Pure Nails products and support, email us on Nailtechsupport@purenails.co 


For training advice and more information, email us on purenails@totallypolishedtraining.co.uk


And finally, follow us on Instagram: (@purenailsuk) for our weekly Instagram lives! 


Let’s hope we will be back on our salons for March and fingers crossed this is the final last lockdown we have to endure. Stay safe, stay in touch and stay motivated. Look after yourself, the people around you and together we will get through Lockdown 3.0 !!