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Pure Nails SS/21 Nail Trends Predictions


What are the key SS21 nail colours?

As part of my job at Pure Nails, I spend a lot of time looking into colour trends for the upcoming months and years. For SS21, I have found that pastel pinks, purples, blues and greys are going to be the trending colours this spring/summer, along with bright yellows (one of pantones colours of the year). I think these stunning pops of colours are just what we will be needing after the year we have all endured- why not spread positive vibes through our nails? I’m here for it!


Nails by Donna Donjj

In regard to nail styles and shapes, I’ve seen a common theme with the natural almond shape. I think a lot of your clients will be braving the change and instead of asking for square/squoval- they’ll be asking for perfectly round almonds. I couldn’t think of a better way to kick start 2021 with a complete nail change, can you?


What popular nail art styles do you predict for SS21?

I think this is going to be a BIG year for nail art, with a lot of creativity flying around. Seeing as most of your clients haven’t been able to get their nails done properly over the past year, I believe they will be wanting to go all out when salons reopen- I know I do!


My favourite nail art designs I’ve seen for this year would have to be: Fine-line Zebra Print, Negative Space, Alternative Pastels and I can see the Alternative French Tips sticking around – all of these, I can see being SO popular!


How can these looks be effectively promoted?

Using Instagram would be the perfect way to promote these new trends. During your downtime, you could spend time doing the trends on your own nails or even tips- this would also help you practice the designs in time for your salon to reopen!


The key to uploading great pictures onto Instagram is lighting and angles. Find lighting that works for you- natural light is great! Then find a couple of hand poses you love- and voila- time to upload and promote the new trends!







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