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Under The Sea Collection Step-By-Step

Guess what? We've got an exclusive step-by-step guide just for you, and it's crafted by none other than our very own Halo VIP, the talented Hari Hatfield!  (@Nails_by_harieva) Brace yourself for a wave of inspiration as we dive into the world of nail art (see what I did there), specifically the mesmerizing "Under The Sea" style! Grab your nail art brushes and let's create some seriously mermaid-tastic nail looks; perfect for the approaching spring/summer season of 2024!!! Without further-ado, lets pass the mic over to our girl, Hari! 

What can I say about the new Under the Sea collection apart from.. wow!! The pearlescent glitter is just amazing! As we all know, chrome/pearl nails have been such a huge trend for 2023 and it’s definitely continuing into 2024.
The compact glitter makes this gel polish so versatile and is perfect for both full coverage and intricate nail art. 
The variety of colours as simply perfect for spring. They’re both pastel and bright at the same time which seems impossible but they really are! The thicker formula makes them so easy to work with, especially when drawing more detailed nail art as the polish stays exactly where you place it meaning it won’t slip around before curing which can sometimes be a common problem when working with glitter gel polish. 
I am so excited for this collection to be released and I just know my clients are going to love these shades! 
Step 1 - Apply a base of your favourite EasiBuild shade, I’ve used shade Cover Pink. 
Step 2 - Using HGP shade Pearl and a long liner brush, create a swirl starting at the cuticle all the way to the tip of the nail. Make it thin at the cuticle and thicker at the tip - cure.
Step 3 - Using HGP shade Melody, create a similar swirl directly next to the shade Pearl - cure.
Step 4- Using the same technique, create another swirl using the shade Mermaid on the other side of the shade Pearl - cure. 
Step 5 - using the shade French White, apply 2-3 dots of varying sizes across the nail. Don’t cure yet! 
Step 6- Using a thin liner brush, pull out the French White dots in to 4 lines at the top, bottom, left and right to create sparkle. Cure  Apply Halo No Wipe Top Coat to seal in your design! 
Step 1 - Apply a base of your favourite EasiBuild shade, I’ve used shade Cover Pink. 
Step 2 - Using the shade Melody apply 2 or 3 random brush strokes across the nail. To create the brushstroke effect use a thin liner brush and paint varying lengths of lines very close together, they don’t have to be neat! - cure.
Step 3 - Using the same technique, apply shade Lagoon in random places across the nail. Cure. 
Step 4 - Again, using the same technique use shade Seashell and apply another 2-3 brush stoke shapes across the nail. It doesn’t matter if they start overlapping other shades! - cure. 
Step 5- for the last time, use the same brush stroke technique and apply shade French White across the nail. Again, don’t worry if they start to overlap! Cure. 
Step 6- Using a dotting tool, apply varying sizes of Polka dots on the white patches to add definition to the nail design. Cure and seal in your design with Halo No Wipe Top Coat! Cure. 


Hari's Looks shopping list: 

Under The Sea Collection... COMING SOON!

Non-Wipe Top Coat

Nail Art Brushes

Easibuild Cover Pink

The Under The Sea Collection is available in your local Halo Stockist from: Monday 26th February!  (Find yours Here!) Available on our website from: Monday 4th March

Don't Forget to TAG US in your Under The Sea creations and use the #HaloGelPolish!

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