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Nail Looks You Need For Date Night!


Hello Lovelies! Welcome back to another nail look blog... But guess what? This time around, it's not just any nail talk- its a FULL-BLOWN EMERGENCY! Why, you ask? Because Valentine's is practically knocking our doors down...And if you're anything like us, your camera roll is currently bursting at the seams with screenshots from every social media app imaginable... Shoutout to our Pinterest girlies with boards for every single date occasion! 

So, in the spirit of all things lovey-dovey, we have crafted you the ULTIMATE guide to slay your way through the valentine's season. We have a look for you for whatever romantic rendezvous you have lined up! Oh, and let's not be forgetting all our single ladies out there- because who says you can't have a GLAM GAL-entines affair too- am I right?! There's no better day for a lil' spa, self care night girlies! 

Alright, Ladies!! Lets kick things off with the classics- because, you know, sometimes you just need that timeless vibe! Are you gearing up for a saucy dinner with your very own 'McDreamy' (shoutout to all the Grey's Anatomy fans in the house!)  Or maybe you are opting for a few 'casual' drinks with your new 'McSteamy' (no more, i promise).... Well, fear not! We have the looks to get you channeling your inner baddie!!

 1. Simple and Sweet!

We never thought we'd say it, but sometimes less is more! We don't want to take away from your stunning outfit or first-class makeup look! So, here we have some more low-key nail looks for you!

1. Rosehip

2. Elise French White

3. Angelic

2. A Pop of Colour...

Keeping it low-key this V-Day? Well, if we do say so ourselves sounds the perfect opportunity to give your nails a lil' POP! So, here we have some brighter alternatives for you! I mean you cant really get more Valentine's vibes than a few reds...

1.PassionFairy Dust 

2. Jewels

3. Robin

The Red Nail Theory

 Ladies!! Ladies!! Ladies!!  Heard of the Red Nail Theory? No? Brace yourself because it might just change your life!  So, whether you've planned a show-stopping number for that romantic dinner or a more casual fit for the early days dates of arcades, and activities.... You still want to make a statement? - Well, meet Flame, Red Hot, Red and Robin...

Not into the brighter shades? Totally get it girlfriend! Not a problem...We have a whole lineup of those deeper reds! Like Love Island meets Halo meets, well...You!  Who said you can't be on your A-Game without going all out on the brightness scale? 
First Stop on our red lineup, meet Toasty! Imagine a wine-inspired red that's basically your VIP pass to sophistication without even having to try! Picture it: Clinking wine glasses, twinkling lights and a 'Toasty' Manicure stealing the show!
Next up, we have Rune! Let your nails do the talking with this shade...Think a deep purpley red with a shimmer, its giving mysterious and we are SO here for it!!
But hold on, the party isn't truly over until this bombshell walks in... Introducing

Mittens! Now this is a perfect in-between shade for literally EVERY occasion. Date Night? Check. Brunch with your Besties? Check. Mini Golfing with cocktails? Check. That's a triple check! We love Mittens so much for this Blog we've given you not one but TWO nailfies! So, let those nails bring the spotlight to you with a red Mani! 

Pretty & Pink

You absolutely can't go wrong with pink—seriously, it's the ultimate go-to for Galentine's and Valentine's nail art season! These shades are practically a year-round essential, and trust me, you'll want them in your collection ASAP. Now, let's meet the lineup! Starting off with a classic French look, we've got the ever-so-lovely French Pink, perfectly paired with, you guessed it, French White! Moving on to the passionate side of things, we've got Red flawlessly complemented by the iconic French Pink. And for the pièce de résistance, introducing the only sparkly pink you'll ever need from last spring's collection – 'Euphoric,' known as Fantasy! Now, not only is this shade the prettiest burst of sparkle you've ever seen, but brace yourself—it's reflective too! I mean, come on, could it get any better than that?

Got a craving for some funky vibes and fun nail art? We've got your back! Kicking things off, we've got the playful Bubblegum Pink strutting its stuff alongside the timeless Red – a classic combo that never disappoints! But wait, there's more excitement coming your way. Dive a bit deeper, and you'll find Bubblegum Pink stealing the spotlight once again, this time teaming up with Girl Power – a sizzling hot pink that's just what you need for that extra pop!!

Hold onto your gels, because just when you believed pinks had spilled all their secrets, here comes the game-changer – the pink gradient! Trust me, this trend has bailed us out more times than we can count. I mean, seriously, as someone who's been crowned the Queen of Indecision (yours truly), why settle for one color or even two when you can have five? The secret weapon for us overthinkers!

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