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Welcome to where your nail journey begins!

This is the blog to tell you everything you need to know about our NEW Training School, The Halo Centre Of Excellence!

Our State-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest tools and technology to provide you with the best education experience possible! 
Yes! It's official , we are open... You can now become trained in Halo by our very own Halo team!  We have a wide range of nail technican courses available, so... I guess the real question is... Are you ready to slay the nail game?

Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to enhance your skills a little further, our expert educators are here to make your education as smooth and seamless as possible!
We believe in hands-on learning, from mastering manicures to creating intricate nail art to learning the latest, trending systems! We will be there to help you, along every step of the way. 

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Table Of Contents

  • How It Works 
  • Key Information
  • Meet The Team
  • Most commonly asked questions, answered!


We offer a three tiered structure to all of our classroom based courses, as a clear pathway for aspiring nail technicians to become qualified professionals and get the most from every class they enrol in! With a 10am start, prepare for a busy day of learning! The finishing times range, depending on the course you choose! We also will be offering online nail art courses which means you can learn new skills from the comfort of your own home! 


Tier 1 
Gel Polish & Manicure Training Course

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive one-day training session curated by our industry experts, the Totally Polished Team! But you can find out a little more about them further down! This intensive course caters to both nail newbies wanting to start off in the nail industry, alongside established beauticians seeking to expand their offered services. This course is also perfect for the nail technicians, making the swap and rebranding to Halo, to ensure they get the best possible set of nails, every. single. time! 

You'll have the opportunity to practice on yourself and other students on your course, under the supervision of experienced professionals! Giving you the confidence and expertise you need to learn, all in a live enviroment. But it's not just about technique here at Halo. We also prioritise education on sanitation, client communication, and business management in every course to ensure that our graduates are well-rounded professionals ready to thrive in the industry. Our goal is not just to train nail technicians, but to empower future leaders in the field.

Tier 2
EasiBuild Training Course (Builder Gel)

Discover the world of Builder Gel (Halo Easi-Build) with this Tier Two course. This is a two-day course covering all of the secrets to achieving flawless builder gel application and finish. Throughout the course, participants are expected to meet specific achievement markers, submit homework for assessment, and complete case study work.

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We have recently launched a brand new range of EasiBuild, a new HEMA-Free formula with the same fault-proof application! The Halo Patisserie Collection contains 12 new shades, meticulously tested and curated to compliment every skin tone! So, be sure to check these builder gels out, before you leave our nail school! Or check out below!

*To Note*
In the event that a trainee does not attain the required grade, they will be afforded the opportunity to repeat the course at no additional charge, excluding the cost of products used.

Tier 3
Acrylic Course

Want to learn everything there is to know about Acrylic? We don't blame you, the timeless system has truly become a staple in the nail industry! 
Tier 3 training offers an exceptional introduction to the art of Acrylic. Catering to all aspiring nail tech's that have attained their Tier 1 and 2 Halo training or equivalent. 

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Acrylic nail systems are made up from 2 main components, a powder formula alongside a acrylic liquid Monomer. (L&P) This system is perfect for creating longer extensions, and most commonly used by people who have fragile nails as Acrylic is a very durable product. 

But this isn't the only Tier 3 course we offer...

Tier 3
E-File Training Course

Been eyeing up an E-File recently? But feeling a little nervous about taking the leap- we totally get it! But, fret no more... We've got your back! Picture this: A 1 day course crash course to give you a fully rounded education on everything-E-Files! Yep! By the time you walk out of our nail school you'll be armed with the skills and knowledge to save your hands from the long hours of hand filing confidently! 

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Online Training Courses

We are also going to be offering Online Training Courses in Nail Art, taught by our in-house nail technician, Michaela Phillips! So, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for new online nail courses popping up throughout the year! You'll be nailing the nail art world before you know it!

All of our courses offer different payment methods, Including Klarna & Clearpay! 

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We are based above beauty wholesaler 'Enhance Nail & Beauty Emporium', so be sure to pop into the shop on your way in or way out to stock up on your Halo must-haves as well as a multitude of other beauty brands! 

We also offer FREE on-site parking! 

We are based in Gillingham Business Park in Medway, Kent! Positioned above the beauty wholesaler, Enhance Nail & Beauty Emporium.

Our Address:
 The address is Unit 5/6 Saracen Close,
Gillingham Business Park,

You can find us in the middle of the business park, further down from Royal Mail! If you're here for mulitple days and need to pop out and grab some lunch we have a Tesco Extra, Sainsburys, Aldi, KFC, Mcdonald's, Burger King & Nandos within a 5-10 minute drive! 

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The Break Room
Where you can kick back, have a snack, and take a breather during your breaks. With comfortable seating and all kitchen essentials you need, we've got you covered! And guess what? We're all about keeping the tea flowing, so expect a cuppa to be a regular feature of your day here! 

Meet The Team

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Meet Us!

The majority of our classes are taught by our Head of Education here at Halo, Tina Bell (left) alongside one of our educators Nicole Dowling (right), but depending on the class size, they may be accompanied by some of their team from Totally Polished!  

All of our trainers are provided by the Totally Polished team, who we have worked alongside for years! Not only are they outstanding and experienced, but they are there to make sure you make some new friends and have a giggle along the way! 

At the Centre of Excellence we keep our Educator:Student ratio low, to ensure you get all of the guidance and help you need to perfect whichever new skill you are learning!

Most commonly asked questions, answered! 

We took to the google to see what you have been searching for! So, you could get the answers to your questions, in as easy as a few clicks! 

How much are nail technician courses?

Our courses vary on price dependent on a few factors. Let's break it down!
Our courses are all tiered, so if you are a beginner you have to enrol in the Gel Polish & Manicure course first, so you get to know all of the important basics and 'must-knows' before furthering your nail education! We offer Student Kits for all of our courses and depending on which materials you want to have in your Student Kit, alters the price! For example:

Gel Polish & Manicure course cost : £125 (without a kit)
With a kit and a dual lamp  (£215)
With a kit and smart pro (£225)
You can see what materials you will NEED  for the course, by clicking the link below! 

We also offer the option to pay via Klarna or Clearpay!

Tier 1 Course

How long do nail technician courses take?

Our beginner (Tier 1) course duration is only 1 day! It begins at 10am, and finishes at 4pm! (You get a small lunch break inbetween).

Our Easibuild/Builder Gel (Tier 2) course runs for 2 days, starting at 10am and finishing at 4pm on both days!

The Tier 3 courses, have 2 options... You can train in Acrylic in just 2 days. Both starting at 10am and finishing at 4pm.

We also offer a third tier 3 course, an E-file Training course! This is a one day course running from 10am- 4pm! 

(You get a small lunch break inbetween).

How to get certified as a nail tech?

Upon successful completion of any of our courses, you will be awarded a certificate stating you are now qualified in whichever system/skill you have studied here at Halo! 
The certificate is accredited by Professional Beauty, a company recognised by all insurers! So, your nail career can start that much easier! 

Have you got any other questions?
Feel free to give our team a call on the number below or email so we can assist you further! 

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01634 364867


We hope to see you soon!



Marketing Team



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