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How to prepare natural nails before applying gel polish

Correct natural nail preparation before the application of gel polish often makes the difference between a polish that lasts weeks and a polish that’s prone to premature chipping and peeling.

Ensure your nails are prepared in the right way before applying Halo gel polish with our top tips. Halo

Avoid using water

It’s important to avoid using water on the nails or any products that contain moisture or oil prior to applying gel polish. Fingernails quickly absorb water and expand, meaning nails that have been painted post-soak will contract once dry and cause polish to chip.  

If you suffer from dry hands or fingernails, work towards adding moisture once your manicure is complete.

Remember the cuticles

Caring for cuticles is an important step of gel polish preparation. Cuticles are dead pieces of skin that attach to the nail plate at the base of the nail. Once removed, you will find that gel polish adheres to the nail as it should do.

Pure Nails cuticle erase and cuticle nipper are fantastic products to help you safely remove cuticles from the nail bed. Finally, buff the nail plate to loosen any remaining dead skin and remove shine.

Prime the nails

After nails have been buffed from edge to edge, all debris and excess oil will need to be removed using a lint-free wipe and the Halo nail prep and scrub formula. Whilst primer is optional, nails can benefit from being primed with Halo Mega Bond to ensure strong adhesion between the natural nail and the gel polish, particularly if nails are prone to excess oil.

Remember to allow the bond to dry completely before applying gel polish.

If you often find that gel polish lifts or chips not long after the manicure is complete, try following our top tips to ensure secure adhesion for up to 3 weeks or more.

For more information about any of the Pure Nails products or for more tips on how to keep your gel polish manicure looking perfect, get in touch via our contact page today.

Image Credit: Jacquie Moffat

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