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Halloween Nail Inspo!🎃

The question we’ve been asking ourselves since August 31st…. It’s not too early for spooky szn yet is it? OF COURSE NOT! Today’s blog is dedicated to giving you Halloween LOOKS! From those girly vibes to stepping into the dark side! We’ve got you. October is rapidly approaching so let’s get into how you can recreate these designs using your favourite Halo Gel Polishes! & Keep an eye out for a step-by-step blog coming soon…

Kicking off with:

  1. So, for one we have a cute set with some mini pumpkins! We would use Anais for the base colour, Black for the French tip outline and #TIP mixing a little bit of Base coat and Black together to make a sheer black shade for the French tip! Moving onto those pumpkins- you could use French Pink for a lighter pink look or Bubblegum Pink. Let’s not forget there’s always an option to add that little extra sparkle, Fairy would be perfect for this! Or even using each colour for each individual pumpkin! Who said you have to play by the rules!
  2. Here we have a set similar to 1, although slightly different for the base. We would use Elise for the base colour and then once again Black. Using the #TIP from 1. You could even add a silver cuff round the cuticle using our Silver Chrome from our Halo Create range!
  3. A brighter, whiter set but still on theme with Halloween! For these we would use Santorini for the base, the perfect milky white, Black for the drips, scream face and moon/star designs. French White for those spooky cob webs and the face shape. The perfect sparkle… Using our Micro Crystals in Silver from our Halo Create range to just add a little more pzazz!
  4. This is the perfect mix of nail art sparkle and simplicity! For the sparkly look you’d HAVE to use one from our new collection, Jupiter- the perfect match! Using Dreamer for the Base purple colour, French White and Black for those little ghosties and Black for the remaining nails.
  5. Mambo No.5 Up next, we have a pretty pink set! Using Elise as the base for that pink nude, Black for the drips, hearts, stitches and those lil ghosties faces! Of course French White for the ghosts and for the heart cobwebs it would have to be French Pink for that light pink look!
  6. OOozing 6, we have a unique set of French tips! The stiletto shape just makes these that little bit more sinister! *MWAH HAHA* ( that was our best evil laugh) So for these we would use Elise as a base colour, French White as the French Tip shade and it would have to be the classic Red for the dripping effect!
  7. A little more cutesie. For these we would use Anais as the base, Apple red for that brighter red look. French White for the French tips, lil ghostie, cobwebs and BOO! Then Black for the ghosts’ eyes!
  8. A clean look with an almond shape is a more subtle halloweenie set, using Elise as a base alongside French White and Black for the details!- SO CUTE!



  1. This set was MADE for Elise! We’d pair it with Bubblegum Pink for a more pinky pink, alongside Black and French White! You could always add an sparkle in here, replacing Bubblegum Pink with Rose Gold Sparkle to keep that pink vibe!
  2. Black and White has never been so SPOOKY! We would use Anais for the base, French White for those lil ghosties, cobwebs & French tips. Black for the French, Cobwebs and ghosties lil face!
  3. Numero tres, aka number 3, we have a Nightmare-ish set (did you get the reference?!) We have Jack Skellington making an appearance and we are LOVING it! We also have some drips and fabric tear nail art which is SO cool and unique! What an idea. For this set we would use Elise for the base, Black and French White for all of the nail art. Maybe even add a sparkle in again with… It’s got to be Jupiter! Maybe putting a French tip on the middle finger!
  4. She’s... different but we are OBSESSED! Shaking it up not only with the colour scheme but the FINISH! We are literally dying over these matte nails! What would be the… You guessed it PERFECT MATCH to these? Our very own Halo Chocolate Box, Mocha and Black! We would also use Anais for the base and Snapdragon for that nude colour on the French tip and the drips! Using the chocolate box means you get 3 shades of brown to play around with! You could definitely swap round some of these colours and add in some different shades of brown! For the Pumpkin Face we would use Mocha. For that finish we would use Velvet Top Coat! For the sparkle we would use size 2 Halo Crystals in champagne to just pull the whole look together!
  5. Now, she is giving cute-girl vibes! This short lil set are perfect for a more subtle Halloween set, but still out there! We have a little ghostie featuring on the index finger and some pink cobwebs and drips too. Let’s not leave out the little sparkles too! For these we would use Elise as the base, Bubblegum Pink for the all of the pink designs, French White for the ghosties, sparkles and French tips! Of course, Black for the eyes of our little friend on the index finger!
  6. STOP! Honestly, we can’t take the cuteness… It’s TOO MUCH! These sparkly goolies are just adorable! You can practically hear there creepy “OOO”’s from here. For these we would use Elise as the base with Sparkle Top Coat before beginning the nail art! Moving onto those little ghosties, we have French White, Black and Bubblegum Pink for those little open mouths, topped with Non-Wipe Top Coat! These are just a MUST this Halloween szn! You literally can’t disagree!
  7. So, these cobwebs are such a VIBE! We would use Elise as base, Black for the cobwebs Micro Crystals in Silver from our Halo Create range and top it all off with Velvet Top Coat!


“*images sourced from Pinterest*

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