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Back to Basics: Polibuild Overlay on Tips

We are back today bringing you another HIGHLY requested blog...eeekkk. You all seemed to LOVE our 'Polibuild Overlays on Natural Nails' blog post and wanted to know the application for PoliBuild on tips, so brace yourselves. HERE WE GO! 



If you want an in-depth read about how we recommend you should be prepping when using our products, please read over our 'Easibuild Overlay on Natural Nails' blog post. However, for now, remember our golden rule, prep work should always take between 10 to 15 minutes and you should never try and shortcut this!



Firstly, apply your tips. When you are happy with your tip application, start with putting a bead of Cover Pink Polibuild into the centre of the nail, dip your Dual Tool into your Liquid Control and (similar to the application for the Polibuild overlay on natural nails) pat it from side to side, down the sidewalls and make sure you have got a nice even coverage.

Now take another small bead closer to the cuticle and work this around the cuticle, patting it in and blending with the previous beadwork. Once you are happy with the coverage, pop it in to cure for 60 seconds. 



File down and shape to your clients desired look. You can use any file for this, even an old one you have sitting around! Once you are happy with the shape, you want to take our Prep & Scrub to remove the filing dust and help dihydrate the nail further.

Now time to finish the look. You can either go in with coloured gel OR you can leave them as they are.

If you want to go in with gel, you would need to simply follow your normal gel step by steps or/and read our blog post on 'How To Apply Flawless, Long-Lasting Gel Polish'. If you want to leave them the natural Polibuild Cover Pink colour, you will now need to apply our Non-Wipe Top Coat to finish off your set- it is that simple!

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