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Back To Basics: Polibuild Overlay On The Natural Nail

As you are all LOVING our 'Going Back To Basics' blog series, we've decided to carry on with another highly requested topic...POLIBUILD!

Some of you may have heard of this product & use it religiously, however, you also might be finding yourself asking the question; 'What is Polibuild?'. Halo PoliBuild Precision Gel combines acrylic and hard gel to create a faultless, all in one nail system. It provides a strong and flexible, light nail enhancement that is perfect for use with Halo Gel Polish.

Gone are the days of perfecting a working consistency; Halo PoliBuild requires zero monomer, mixing and ratios, all that’s needed is our Halo PoliBuild Liquid Control to manipulate the product as you want it, working as fast or as slow as you like. Its unique formula allows for a smooth and flawless finish that’s easy to file to create the perfect nail enhancement!

Once you try Polibuild, you won't be able to look back!

Nails by Becca Hewitson 


As you've all been reading our 'Going Back To Basics' series, we don't want to bore you with it again. However, we will remind you HOW vital this step is, so make sure you don't take ANY shortcuts here; your prep should take between 10 and 15 minutes!

Step 2: Base Coat!

It's now Base Coat time! For this step, you can either use our normal Base Coat OR our Rubber Base Coat. For our base coat application, we start in the middle of the nail, bouncing the gel as close to the cuticle as you can, then bringing it down both sidewalls and finally capping the free edge.


We will be starting this step off with Polibuild Cover Pink, Liquid Control and our Polibuild Dual Tool.

Dip your Polibuild Dual Tool in your liquid control, this just makes it easier to remove the product from the tube. As we are doing an overlay on a natural nail, you only need a small amount of Polibuild for this application.

Pop a bead of Polibuild onto the nail and dip your Dual Tool (brush side) into the Liquid Control; the liquid control simply allows you to take full control of the product. Taking the bead, pat it from side to side, making sure you're going right down the nail sidewalls- if you get to the end and there is too much product left on the nail, simply take the Dual Tool (spatula side) and scoop it off; keep it on your spatula for the next nail so there is no wastage of the product.

Carry on patting the product on the nail, making sure it is nice and even. Once you feel satisfied, cure the nail for 30 seconds.

Step 4: Buff & Finish!

Now the Polibuild has been added to the nail, you will now need to file/buff down the nail to allow the gel polish, you are about to add, adhere to the Polibuild we have just applied. Once file and buffed into shape, use Prep & Scrub to dehydrate the nail further, this product is also great for removing dust caused by filing.

The time has come for the hardest decision your client has to make; what colour to choose. Once your client has made their decision, you will need to follow our suggested gel step by step or your normal routine for applying gel OR you can just leave the Polibuild's natural colour, these colours are amazing for clients that aren't allowed to wear polish due to work or other commitments. All you have to do is simply add our Top Coat and you're done; it is really that simple!

Once you and your clients have tried Polibuild, you will NEVER want to turn back! Keep up to date with all our top tips and nail inspo pictures on socials. Make sure you follow us and give us a tag on Instagram @purenailsuk. We look forward to you joining our Halo family!

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