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Finding That Work-Life Balance As A Nail Tech- What Is The Key?

Finding the balance between work and your personal life is hard in any job, but in this industry AND being self-employed; it is a massive struggle for all us Nail Techs.

We are always striving to work our hardest and prove our worth- not to mention how we are always willing to work extra to earn extra. The hardest part of the job for most of us is simply saying the word 'no' impossible to say to our clients- especially when we are new to the industry. When I first started as a Nail Tech, I would work all the hours I possibly could because I wanted to be accommodating to existing clients and I also wanted to build up my clientele- saying no just didn’t feel like an option in case they went elsewhere for their treatment. Before I knew it, I was working late nights, long weekends and I didn't get to spend much time with my family and friends- I knew this needed to change, and quickly!

Looking back at these first years of being a Nail Tech, I now realise how overworked I was. My one piece of advice to new Nail Techs just starting in the industry; find out which days are the busiest, and which time of the day is the busiest. Would your clients prefer evening or morning appointments?

Once you've established your busiest days and times, you can then set your self a rota and stick to it. We always want to go above and beyond for all our clients, so on the odd occasion when they do generally need a late-night appointment, or they are going on holiday and they need a different day, they will always apricate it when you stay late. I used to work every day of the week, however, I found that Mondays and Tuesday were always my quietest- so now I have the beginning of the week off and work a little later on Thursday and Friday. This allows me to spend quality time with all my family and friends.

Setting out what times and what days you want to work early on in your career, means that your clients will get used to your working days. It will also encourage them to book in regular appointments with you, as they will be able to book a day/time which suits them best.

Another key to work/life balance is keeping a dairy- as simple as it sounds, it is SO important to be organised in this industry. This allows me to work my personal life around my business.

As simple as these steps sounds, I wish someone had advised me to implement them into my career- as they have helped me build up my client base and find a work/life balance that works for me.