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Behind the Scenes

I’m sure you have all spotted our fantastic Pure Nails ambassadors and educators floating around our social media pages. They are such an important part of the Pure Nails team helping to support our customers, promote the brand, test new colours and products and numerous other things! Not to mention all the behind-the-scenes things you don’t get to see…. Until now!

Our educators and ambassadors work consistently, incredibly hard to perfect and improve their skills. Whether it be photography, cuticle work or nail art, they are constantly working and practicing.

For one of our Educators, Nicole Dowling, this past lockdown has been a rollercoaster ride! Seeing how hard Nicole works on everything she does, I set out to look for some online nail competitions that she could enter. Our Educator and Ambassador team are required to compete on live competitions at the beauty shows but Covid has meant we have been unable to do so.

We didn’t want all of Nicole’s hard work to go to waste so off I went to do a little search. After a few messages and calls to judges and other nail techs, I found a competition. I contacted them but found the deadline was close; we literally had five hours to get some work together and submit it.

I called Nicole, who immediately went into panic mode frantically trying to pick her best work. We submitted it, and in all honestly thought it would just be a great experience and give us a score sheet to work from to perfect the next competition entry.

The results came a few days later and I was sick to my stomach waiting on them for her. I was actually driving when they came through and had to pull over to have a look! They started getting called out and then boom – the girl did good! Nicole’s name was called out at first place. I was screaming so hard in the car people were looking at me – but I didn’t care. I quickly rang Nicole, told her the news and together we screamed for a further five minutes before actually having a conversation about it.

Nicole placed in the following:

  • 1x 1st place
  • 7x 2nd place
  • 2x 3rd place
  • Grand Prix (when you compete and place in a certain number of categories)

After we calmed down, I quickly rang Nathan (MD, Pure Nails) to tell him the news and then the rest of head office. Everyone was thrilled. Nicole’s first online competition and she absolutely smashed it!

Whilst we were still on a high, I got home and found her next online competition, Safari. Nicole had a few weeks this time before closure, so she had time to perfect some new nails specifically for this competition. I have to say, again, she did not disappoint!

Nicole placed in the following:

  • 2x 1st place
  • 3x 2nd place
  • 1x 3rd place
  • Grand Prix

This is just the start, with each competition Nicole is improving and the nails are becoming more and more amazing.

Since then, we have had our ambassador, Abi Garvey, also compete with Nicole in Nailympia and our educator, Luci Goodyear, has competed in the Dubai competition with Nicole.

These are only some of the things our ambassadors and educators get up to. We give our ambassadors and educators the guidance and training they need to become competition ready, and I tell them everything I know to help them succeed.

It’s not all about promoting, social media and working beauty shows.

We can’t wait for the Dubai results- I’m sure you will hear from us screaming when the girls smash it. I have no doubt they will!

I couldn’t be prouder of the team and how far they have come in the past year, considering they haven’t had half the training they would have in normal times and how hard they have pushed themselves during the Covid 19 lockdowns.

Hopefully, we will be looking to expand the team in the next few months. If you’re interested in being part of an amazing company and team, then watch out for when we post to our social platforms! I would love to hear from you all!

Written by Tina Bell