Purity Pink 15g

SKU: N2267



  1. Apply Purity Bonder to the nail. Do not allow product to flood into surrounding soft tissue.
  2. Pick up a bead of Purity Clear or Pink Gel on your brush (the bead needs to be approximately half the size of the nail plate).
  3. Place the bead onto the back third of the nail. Using your brush, gently tease the bead into place, covering the entire nail. Allow to self-level before placing hand into the lamp.
  4. Repeat on remaining fingers and cure for 2 minutes.
  5. Apply a second layer of gel is necessary to perfect the coverage and apex.
  6. Remove sticky layer with Pure Nails Gel Wipe.
  7. File into shape using a Pure Nails 180 grit file. If needed, remove any surface scratches with a Pure Nails White Block.
  8. Remove dust and apply Purity UV Gel Sealer, cure for 2 minutes.
  9. Allow time for nails to cool before finishing up with Pure Nails Cuticle Feed.

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