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Why is Cuticle Oil SO Important?

Cuticle oil is a moisturising product for your nails and cuticles, meaning that it's as important as using a daily face moisturiser! Our nails and cuticles are constantly exposed to extreme cold, sunlight, chemicals and soapy water making them chapped, cracked, and dry. In these cases of extreme dryness and damage, cuticle oil helps moisturise your cuticle and nail, restoring them to health. Applying cuticle oil daily can increase the circulation around your nails, stimulating nail growth. It will also help to protect your nail and cuticle against all types of trauma. The oil will also help improve the health and appearance of your nail. So when applying Gel Polish, Acrylics & Builder Gel, cuticle oil will also protect your sets for an elongated time.

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How to use it?

You only need a few drops for application, most oils work best in small quantities. Simply use the cuticle dropper to drop the oil onto the nail and gently massage into the nail.

Be sure not to use cuticle feed before any application of nail treatments such as gel polish or enhancements as this will affect the adherence which may cause lifting. Therefore only after these treatments should you apply the cuticle feed and please keep in mind it may vary how you apply the cuticle feed depending on what treatment your client has had for example.

Soak off - If your client has had a full soak off with no extra nail treatments you can place the cuticle feed over the natural nail cuticles and finger, ensuring a good massage.

Gel polish or enhancements- I would recommend using a small brush to wipe the cuticle feed around the cuticle area avoiding contact with the nails as this may affect the Top Coat by leaving a smear. Or gently drop the oil onto the cuticle and massage in, avoiding the nails.

Photos - When taking photographs/videos of your work remember not to flood the cuticles, you don't need to much cuticle feed just enough to nourish the cuticle and area surrounding to leave them looking fresh and healthy.

Our Top Tips:
After you soak off and your application is complete, make sure you brush under the free edge to remove any dust. You could brush a little cuticle feed under the free edge of the nail too. Looks great on photos!

As a Nail Tech, one way to make extra money is to resell cuticle oil onto your clients. This will also keep your client's nails lasting longer and easier to work with on their next appointment. 

£7.99 - 75mls Cuticle feed
£3.51 - 15mls Cuticle feed
£3.70 - 15mls Cuticle feed with dropper

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