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Which Nail System Will Suit Your Client Best?

If 2020 has given us anything, it would be time to perfect what we already know AND learn skills. The start of 2021 is no different- it’s like deja vu! Learning new skills like nail art is amazing. However, have you thought about brushing up on skills you already use and/or learning more about the products you use on your clients? Knowing your products inside out and being able to use them to their full potential is something, as nail techs, we should all be doing.



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Do we fully know the ins and outs of our systems? What pros and cons do they have? What products benefit our clients and their nails? 


Clients often come into my salon and knowing the different products you offer and pairing this with an in-depth consultation with your client ill give you the time to get to know them and be able to advise them on which systems will benefit/suit them the most. Clients will always take your advice- after all, you are the professional! So choose wisely, explain and advise. I now have a good mix of Gel, Easibuild, Polibuild and Acrylic clients- each system suiting them personally.


Choosing a system for your client generally comes down to 3 things:


  1. Their lifestyle; what job they have, what hobbies they enjoy.
  2. Their nails; weak nails, strong nails, long or short.
  3. Their expectations; what do they want to achieve. 


Consultations are vital. Before you establish what system you recommend and what your professional advice would be, you NEED to know what medications your client is on and if they have any allergies. Not doing a consultation can lead to many different problems; your insurance company will ask for the client's consultation card should there ever be an issue AND, by law, each client should have a consultation slip in-salon, kept away in a locked fireproof cabinet. 


When completing a consultation with a new client, this is when your knowledge of all the different systems you offer will become useful- you should be asking them a range of questions to find out what will work best for them.


BUT how do you work out which product to use for this particular client?


Gel Polish 

 This system is perfect for a client that has natural healthy nails . However, for a client with weak and bendy nails, they will need some extra help. This is where we would recommend our Halo Rubber Base Coat. This product will flex/bend with your natural nail, preventing chipping and fractures in the nail and gel. Halo Thick Top Coat is also another product that massively helps to prevent chipping, this product is thicker than our Non-Wipe Top Coat and helps the weaker nail by adding a little more support and thickness to the nail. Gel polish is the perfect system for those clients that want a change of colour ever two/three weeks.

Halo Easibuild  

For clients that need more help to grow their nails- Easibuild would be the perfect system for them!


Halo Easibuild is hard gel in a bottle- this makes the application of Easibuild SO simple! The name “Hard Gel” also doesn't mean the product is completely solid, it does still have bend and flexibility, and this is why it is perfect for an overlay on natural nails.


It is suitable for all clients with strong nails, and also those clients who have weak, bendy nails- helping them achieve extra length. A lot of Nail Techs believe that they only need one thin layer of Easibuild to help grow their client's nails, however, to protect your client's nail, Easibuild needs to have a little thickness to serve its purpose as an overlay- the thinner the product, the more it will bend. Adding a little more thickness to the overlay will help keep that product firm. 


Halo Acrylic 

Halo Acrylic Liquid and Powder is one of the strongest systems due to its longevity and durability. Acrylic is a classic, it is just as popular now as it was when it first came out. Pure Nails have managed to bring out a quality professional system at an amazing price. With the right prep, maintenance and structure, a client will very rarely snap or break an acrylic nail. This system is perfect for all your clients that want to achieve long nails with the help from forms or tips, it also works as an overlay system for the client who has a healthy nail bed. For your clients who have weak, bendy nails- you may find that the nail will start to lift or peel from the free edge. This may occur due to the product being so solid therefore, it won't bend with the natural nail- if your client doesn't use cuticle oil, the natural nail can potentially pull away from the acrylic overlay, meaning regular removal and fresh application is required. 



Halo Polibuild is the newest system at Pure Nails and is personally one of my all-time favourites. It has the durability and strength of the Halo Acrylic system, along with the flexibility and lightness of Easibuild- you couldn't get a more perfect product.


Polibuild needs a lamp to set the product and because of this, it is ideal for beginners. This allows you to take your time pushing and placing the product until it’s perfect- allowing you to spend less time buffing the product in. You can create the same style enhancement as you can with every other system; overlays, tips, forms, french style and ombre. This is always my go-to choice for overlays.


Picking the perfect system for your clients is down to product knowledge. You will look and sound more professional when you have a deeper knowledge and a better understanding of all your products- your clients will feel included in the decision made.


At Pure Nails, we always recommend that Nail Techs take our conversion courses- even if you are already using and training in the product. Is it always best to understand our products in-depth, so you can give your clients the very best to suit their lifestyle. 


For any training Enquires please email purenails@totallypolishedtraining.co.uk or for technical support email me on nailtechsupport@purenails.co 


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