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What grit file should I use on my nails?

With a wide range available, it can be confusing trying to establish what grit file should be used on nails, whether natural or acrylic. Nail files are some of the most important tools in a nail technicians kit and using them to the best of their ability is vital to the perfect manicure…

Professional nail files will feature numbers that tell the user how sharp or soft the file is; the higher the number, the softer the file and the lower the number, the sharper the file. If two numbers are used on a file, it means different sides of the file are different grits.

But, what exactly should each grit file be used for? In fact, the range of grits have individual uses.

80/80 grit

Best used for product removal, 80/80 grit files are the sharpest available. If product is fine, opt for a different file to ensure you don’t over file the natural nail. Reduce pressure accordingly to remove product; gel is easier to remove than acrylic!

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100 grit

100 grit files are best used for taking down the length of natural or acrylic nails as well as shaping the side walls and free edge.

150 grit

Used to file the surface of the nail to shape the nail bed. 150 grit files can also be used to blend tips onto the natural nail and to remove any premature lifting before product application.

180 grit

Most often used to contour the entire nail, 180 grit files can be used to prep the nail before applying product to help with adhesiveness. They can also be used to shorten or shape the free edge on a natural nail.

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240 grit

The least corrosive grit file available, this file would most commonly be used to prep nails before the application of UV gel polish.

Before you use a new file, use it edge to edge with another file to remove any sharp edges. Failing to do this could result in damaged and sore cuticles or side walls!

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What about the files shape?

Ultimately, the shape of the file doesn’t really matter. There are many different shapes available which will help you to determine which feels most comfortable when you’re working. However, many people prefer to use a straight file when filing the free edge, side walls and lower arch.

Our Halo files can be used time and time again as long as they are correctly disinfected between clients. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our team via our contact page, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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