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Pay in 3 Installments with

What are the benefits of Halo Elite Hard Gel?

The newest addition to our nail enhancement range, if you’ve not already tried Halo Elite Hard Gel, you need to.

Halo Elite Hard Gel cures under UV/LED light, similar to gel polish, but can be used to extend and sculpt, providing a hard-wearing, versatile nail product that can be used in conjunction with the entire Pure Nails range.

Whilst hard gel may not be as hard as acrylic, it is in fact stronger, and more flexible. Hard Gel can withstand high pressure, and therefore it won’t break or crack as easily as acrylic. Its flexibility means that in the event of any breaks, there will be less trauma and therefore less damage to the nail bed.

Hard Gel is a nail enhancement that feels extremely natural for the wearer. So, for those clients who hate the heaviness of acrylic or find that it lifts easily, Hard Gel could be the answer. The texture of Halo Elite Hard Gel allows it to seep into the crevices of a natural nail, forming a perfect bond that is free of lifting. HG

You’ll also find with Halo Elite Hard Gel that the final look is picture perfect. It’s a beautifully shiny product that doesn’t discolour. It’s also self-levelling which means you’ll be left with a nail enhancement that looks natural and smooth. Halo Elite Hard Gel is also a dream to file, so whether your client is looking for a shape that’s square, oval, coffin or otherwise, it will be easy to create! To finish the look, we’d pair Halo Elite Hard Gel with your fave Halo Gel Polish for a pop of colour!

For more information on Halo Elite Hard Gel or any of our professional nail products, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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