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Some spooky nail inspo!

Guess what? It's that time of the year when we get to whip out our broomsticks (or nail art brushes) and conjure up some wicked nail art. That's right, Halloween is lurking just around the cornerūüĎÄ, and you know what that means ‚Äď it's time to unleash our inner spook-tacular nail artists!

Check out the list at the bottom to find all products used linked! 

Welcome to the most bewitching and boo-tiful corner of the internetūüĎĽ, where we're all about getting spook-ily inspired this¬†Halloween. Whether you're a nail newbie or a seasoned pro, you're in for a treat (no tricks here, we promise) as we dive headfirst into the enchanting world of ghouls, ghosts, and glamorous nails. It's time to get spooky, sassy, and hauntingly fabulous ‚Äď Nail-O-Ween style! ūüéÉūü¶á

Imagine sipping your PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte, of course) and admiring the cutest pumpkin patch right on your fingertips. Whether you're into adorable pumpkin faces, elegant autumn shades, or intricate pumpkin vines, your nails can be the ultimate accessory for the season.

Which leads us to our first theme of a CLASSIC: Pumpkin Perfection 


May be an image of 1 person

By Bessie Hudson, using Elise, Rafiki and Black!

No photo description available.

By Jade Miller, using Easibuild Cover Up Pink, Soldier on, Soft Mauve, Frankincense, Black and Sparkle Top Coat

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By Kylie Marie, Using Elite Hard Gel Soft Pink, Elise, French White, Black and Palace!

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By Kirstie Wykes, using Sage Fizz and French white


Onto¬†Boo-tiful souls, are you ready to add some spooky pizzazz to your nail game? Ghost-inspired nail art is perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit (pun intended!ūüĎĽ). You can go for the classic Casper look with cute little white ghosties, or unleash your creativity with an even eerier design!¬†

Boo-tiful Ghosts 

No photo description available.

By Holly Rodger, using French White, Elise, Decadence, Dubai 


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By Jess Lunn, using Elise, Dubai, French white and black!

May be an image of 1 person and ice cream

By Jade Miller, using Easibuild D2B Peach overlay with Powder Blue, Blossom, Mint, Apricot, Dreamer, Black and Elise 

No photo description available.

By Jade Miller, Easibuild Overlays on natural nails using D2B Peach Colours: Elise, French White and Black

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By Jade Miller, Easibuild overlays D2B Peach with Jupiter, Black & French White

 Now onto some all round spook-tacular sets perfect for when you just can't choose one theme:

Spook-tacular Sets

No photo description available.

By Beautyhour by Carlianne, using Polibuild Cover Pink, using Elise base, Black, French White and Burnt Orange! 

May be an image of text

By Kirsty Wykes, using Elise, Black and French White

May be an image of owl and text

By Jess Lunn, using Bliss and Elise mix, French White, Black, Cerise, Snapdragon, Dubai and Black 

May be an image of text

By Jade Miller, using Halo Acrylic Nails using Cover Pink
Red, Blood Red, Black & French White 

No photo description available.

By Jessica Kenyon Deluce, using Black, french white and palace

A full list of the colours used:


Oranges:                          Staple shades:                    Reds/Pinks:

Rafiki                                 Elise                                     Bliss

Palace                               French White                       Red

Apricot                              Black                                    Blood Red

Dubai                                Sparkle TC                           Cerise

Burnt Orange


Systems:                        Other:                             Greens:

EasiBuild                        Fizz                                Soldier on

PoliBuild                         Soft Mauve                     Sage

Halo Acrylic                    Snapdragon


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