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New Years Resolutions for your Nail Clientele

Happy New Year! Here at Pure Nails, we’re determined for 2023 to be the year of some iconic nail looks! 2023 is set to bring in a lot of natural nail trends. But first things first, let’s get your clients nails in tip top condition with our top five resolutions for gorgeous and healthy natural nails.

  1. Oil your cuticles!

It doesn’t get more important than this. For some reason, clients just don’t seem to get it. The bitter cold of January can cause havoc to cuticles, drying them out and causing tears and lifting. Vowed to moisturise your skin this year? Extend to your nails and cuticles! Our fave product is obviously the Halo Cuticle Feed – this gorgeous orange and mango scented cuticle oil leaves cuticles revitalised and will mean your manicures for 2023 will last even longer.

  1. Don’t pick!

Fight the urge! Don’t pick your gel polish off, please! Okay so it’s seriously tempting when you get a bit of lifting, but it’s so important to leave it be. Picking your gel polish off your nails can cause serious damage – your next manicure may not last (if your nail tech wants to attempt a service on your damaged nails that is!) Plus, a little chipped gel polish looks way nicer than a nail that’s been hacked away at. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

  1. On that note… Removal

Whilst you’re steering clear from picking, if it’s time for your set to be removed and you’d like a break from gel polish, please get it removed properly by your nail technician. Files and acetone are hash products and should be used by professionals only. Keep your natural nails looking healthy by making time to visit your nail tech for a proper removal. Whilst you’re there, you can get a manicure, too!

  1. Mix it up!

Nail art is going to be a BIG trend for 2023. Are you the sort of person who opts for one shade or a classic French? Now is the time to try something new – you just might find your new fave thing. Plus, letting your nail techs creativity flow really helps them out with pushing their abilities and skills on social media. You get a new look you love; they get the opportunity to find new clientele – win/win!

  1. And… relax

We mean your hands! We know it’s difficult as a client to relax your hand whilst it’s being prodded, poked, and filed left, right and centre. BUT if it means the service you’re paying for is performed to the best of its abilities, it’s got to be worth it, right?! Plus, getting your nails done is supposed to be a relaxing experience!  


Do your clients need to take note? Share our blog with them to give them a subtle hint!

Need any help with any of our Halo products? Get in touch with our support team today. Here’s to a happy, healthy and successful 2023 – we’re so excited to show you what’s to come!