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New System Alert! Halo Jellie Tips & Glue

New system alert! Halo Jellie Tips and Glue are finally here! And we’re in love!

Soft gel tips are the current product storming through the industry; soakable, easy to use tips in 12 different sizes and 6 different shapes. Plus, we’ve launched two glue products; your traditional brush-on jellie glue in a bottle and the exciting jellie glue in a pot, which is so thick it can be moulded and pressed into the nail – a product we’re yet to see elsewhere on the UK market!

As of today, you can officially find Halo Jellie Tips and Glue in your local wholesalers. PLUS they'll be available on the Pure Nails website from Friday 21st April. Want to find out more about how to use our brand-new professional nail system? Say no more!


What do I need to apply Halo Jellie Tips?

Halo Jellie Tips

Halo Jellie Glue or Jellie Brush on Glue

Halo Plush Brush

Halo Prep & Scrub

Halo Smart Dual Lamp Pro or Flash Cure Lamp

Halo Cuticle Feed

Halo Elite Buffer File

Pure Nails Acetone

How do I apply Halo Jellie Tips?

  1. Complete prep and cuticle work as normal, on clean and natural nails. Remove any debris from nails, using a Halo Plush Brush and Halo Prep & Scrub.

  2. Size the Halo Jellie Tips to your client’s nail beds, ensuring they fit perfectly from side wall to side wall, without needing to push the tip flat to the nail bed.

  3. Apply Halo Flexi-Bond or Halo Rubber Base Coat to the nail and cure for 30 seconds.

  4. Scoop a small amount of Jellie Glue onto the contact area of the Jellie Tip.
    - Alternatively, if opting to use Jellie Brush on Glue, paint glue onto the contact area of the Jellie Tip.

  5. Place the Jellie Tip on to the nail plate by tilting the tip at an angle, placing the cuticle area first. Slowly press the rest of the Jellie Tip down so that it fits perfectly with no air bubbles. Remove any Jellie Glue that may have escaped from under the tip.

  6. Hold the Jellie Tip down and flash cure, using a Smart Dual Cure Lamp or a Flash Cure Lamp. Once all tips are applied, cure the whole hand for 30 seconds.

  7. Cut the Jellie Tip down to size and shape if required. Buff over the Jellie Tip to remove the shine and carefully around the cuticle area to ensure it sits flush.

  8. Apply Prep & Scrub using the Halo Plush Brush to remove any dust and debris. Apply Halo Base Coat, colour of choice and top coat, curing each layer for 30 seconds.

  9. Allow the nails to cool down for two minutes before applying Halo Cuticle Feed.


How do i remove Halo Jellie Tips?

  1. Break the Jellie Tips seal using a Halo Elite Buffer File.

  2. Cut away any additional length of the Jellie Tip.

  3. Using your preferred method of removal, soak off the Jellie Tips the same way you would soak off a gel polish.
    - Top Tip – we recommend using a heated soak off bowl and Pure Nails Acetone!


How do I maintain Halo Jellie Tips?

Clients with Halo Jellie Tips should come back for a maintenance appointment every 2-3 weeks.
You can infill the Jellie Tips with Halo PoliBuild, Halo Elite Hard Gel or Halo EasiBuild.
Alternatively, we suggest removing and reapplying.


Watch us work with our Jellie Tips application video here:


What’s your preferred nail shape? Whether you’re an almond, coffin, stiletto or square kinda’ person, we’ve got the tips for you available in 12 different sizes and suited to every individual nail out there.

We want to see your creations! Tag us over on Instagram #halogelpolish

And if you’re still in need of some extra help – get in touch with the team today over on nailtechsupport@purenails.co.uk

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