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Nail Art

Hey Huns! We are back- woo!! Today we are sharing with you some tips and tricks…Nail art edition! We think everyone can agree 2022 is the year of the French tip! Alongside this, funky nail art has definitely come back with a bang! We are loving it! Having 10 different looks in one set, such a fun way to experiment with different types of nail art! We thought we’d show you how easy it can be to add in some of these trending designs and step up your nail art game!

Let's kick off with... French Tips!

1) Start off by marking the base line 

2) Now aligning with the middle of the nail create a horizontal line, almost imagining the capital letter 'A'

3) Repeat this process on the other side

4) Using the guiders of each corner of the 'A' create a curve and continue that across the center near, lifting the baseline into a curve. 

*If needed, continue curved line along the sides of the nail*

Now, onto the LEMONS!

1) Base Point

2) Draw and fill a semi-circle using ‘Primrose’

3) Go in with 'Happy Days' Halo Gel Polish and outline the semi-circle 

4) Your Lemon should be looking like no.4

5) Repeat the outline but on the inside of the semi-circle using ‘French White’

6) You should now have a certain lemon outline!

7) With your lemon taking shape its now time to add in the sections, beginning with a white line along the edge of the nail!

8) It should look a little something like this!

9) Now onto each individual section, starting with a line in the middle of the semi circle leading to the inner white line, then moving onto each half-quarter on either side of the middle line you started with.

10) Now... You have your little lemon! To add that fruity detail to your summer sets!


1) Start by adding two dots using 'Red Hot' Halo Gel Polish

2) Join up two lines with 'Fresh Start' Halo Gel Polish 

3) Create a design, add as many cherries as you like and seal using Top Coat


Keep those summer designs coming on Instagram by tagging #halogelpolish or over on our Facebook group.

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