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Pay in 3 Installments with

Jellie Tips


Jellie tips, the full cover gel extension system that I'm sure you have seen all over social media! This system is designed to give you a fantastic looking set of nails for a short period of time. It's also great for content creation, if you're trying to up your social media game!

Now, picture this: your client is the kind of gal who doesn't want to commit to nail extensions 24/7, but...They all about serving looks for those special occasions – be it a bottomless brunch, a vacay, date night, or even just because, why not! Well, this system's got your back! It's designed to stick around for a solid 2 to 4 weeks, then after a simple removal using our bestie, acetone and a little bit of filing, you're back to your natural nails, unscathed. And with some seriously cute nailfies in your bank! So, question is are you ready to slay the gel extension game?

"In the salon I have a lot of ladies that love the system and come back every three to four weeks to change their style. They do it all, from short square, to long stiletto, all in an hour's appointment, creating a fabulous new look for them to rock for the next few weeks. Of course, these are perfect for the younger ladies for prom or school term holidays.The flexibility with the system allows clients to try different looks that they may have been a little scared to try before, not wanting to keep them permanently. With this system they can let their fun side out, for a couple of weeks anyway until they remove them."

To note...

Jellie tips are a temporary gel extension system and that is how it was designed, however, if the client has another occasion so close together and that the tips don't require removing but do require a little TLC you could infill them for this one time with either Halo Easibuild, Halo Polibuild or Halo Elite hard gel. But you can read more on Infills with Jellie Tips further down!

leanne mitchell jellie tips 1.jpg__PID:b4969cf7-457e-4221-97d8-0422e89a8fc6

Leanne Mitchell Using Jellie Tips Square

If after wearing the Jellie tip system the client has enjoyed, then she may of course remove and replace them with another set of Jellie nail tips, or she may require some advice on moving on to a more permanent method of gel extensions. This will then allow her to come back every few weeks to maintain her new nails. These of course will be a lot stronger than the jellie tip but will not give her the same flexibility that she had, to change in her look every appointment.



This tip fits side wall to side well. Perfect size.


You can see here the tip fits side wall to side wall without pushing it down. The apex is clearly visible and this is where the glue will


Place the nail tip by placing cuticle area down first and then gentle lay down the rest of the gel tip watching as the glue climbs up the nail bed to the free edge.


You can see here the glue has traveled up to the free edge without pushing down the nail removing the apex.


You can see here the glue has traveled up to the free edge without pushing down the nail removing the apex.


Your full cover gel extensions are done!


Jellie tips system is easily applied to the natural nail after doing recommended prep under base court of your choice. The key is to make sure that the nail tip fits from sidewall to sidewall smoothly without you adding any added pressure to the tip forcing it down. On doing so this will remove the built-in apex that the nail tip must have to maintain strength.

 If you are adding too much pressure to fit the tip to the nail this will make the nail extremely flat, and it will be prone to cracks and splits and even in some cases popping off. And we don't want a broken or missing nail ruining girls night!!

The gap between the natural nail and the gel tip is there to fit in the glue so a small amount of pressure should be applied to maintain contact with the nail bed while flash cure and, but it should not be forced down squeezing out all of the glue and making the nail tip flat.

 The apex in the tip gives the nail not only strength but that natural look that a normal set of extension nails will have. This makes it extremely difficult for anybody to tell if they are in fact Jellie tips or a permanent set of nails.

Watch it for yourself below!

As easy as that!


Step one, you're going to need to choose the glue you fancy! The main difference obviously being that one is a brush on (liquid) formula, whereas one is more thick and putty-like almost! Both glues will give you the best results, so the choice is yours!

Glue Bottle.png__PID:ac382a26-60fd-469b-8807-123d41003891
Glue Pot.png__PID:382a2660-fd56-4bc8-8712-3d41003891bd

Step two, the nail tips! We have a variety of gel tips to choose from, not only the shape but the length and size! We also provide infill packs, so instead of having to repurchase in bulk, you can purchase the specific sizes in quantities to fill up your original Jellie system box! 

Drip 5.0 (87).png__PID:ddae9418-7677-4dda-b729-64c55a5f3e3b


This will require you to remove the Gel Polish design and any length where her nails may have grown. The most important part to the maintenance is the growth area at the cuticle, this will need smoothed out making sure there are no parts of the Jellie tips that has lifted from the nail. Any lifted areas will need removed to ensure the new product applied will adhere to the nail underneath leaving pockets of lifted material where air or moisture to get in. If you do not maintain the nails thoroughly this can leave spaces for bacteria to grow and turn green, nobody wants a mouldy nail.

Once you have removed everything required you can go on to infill the growth area with your chosen product. If you are not qualified in another system then you can use a layered method of base and thick topcoat that will give the nails a slightly longer life span, although not as long as if you were using a more permanent system to infill with. It should however last for that special occasion she is getting her nails designed for. Once its time for the nails to be removed then the process is simple.

Cut down any length and using a 180/150 grit file remove Gel Polish or design from the nail and then soak the nails in heated acetone or using the wrap system. Leave the nails for approximately 10 minutes and then using your gel polish removing tool scrape off the melted product. You may need to return them back to the acetone for another 5 minutes just to remove the last little stubborn bits. The nails should then be prepped for a new set or finished with a nice manicure leaving the clients hands and nails in beautiful condition. 

Need some extra help with your jellie tips? Get in touch with our support team today! Just email, nailtechsupport@purenails.co.uk ! 

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