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If your client has a case of greenies, what does it mean? Greenies: Revisited

Although it can seem like nail techs should take the blame for a client getting greenies, in reality the nail tech isn't always at fault, but you can't entirely blame the client either.

Sometimes nothing you say or do will be enough to make a client happy, but sometimes, a little gentle education can make the difference between that client returning or not.

CHLORONYCHIA, or "greenies," is a common bacterial infection that can develop in wet areas, such as beneath artificial nails that have lifted.

The green tint on your nails is due to the bacteria's discharge. The stain will spread on top of or under your nails as the infection worsens and turns dark green or black. The infection may form between the acrylics and the nail plate.

Seeing green shouldn’t immediately sound the alarm bells though. The fact that the colour is present doesn’t always mean an infection is there.

Thankfully, taking care of greenies is quick and simple. All enhancements should be removed. After that, it is crucial to keep the nail dry to stop the spread of bacteria and to avoid adding any embellishments to it until the area has recovered.

Make sure your clients are informed that greenie marks can take months to clear and that they should contact a doctor if it looks like the colour is expanding.

The best part is that there is no need for medical treatment because Chloronychia will go away on its own without the help of ointments, antibiotics, or cream. Once in the air, the bacteria die out, leaving the stain to grow out harmlessly.

Make sure you are as thorough as you can be with your preparation and application to prevent greenies from showing up on your clients.

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