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How To Up Your Social Media Game!

Brace yourself for something a bit different today because we've got the inside scoop straight from our Halo VIP's. They spilled the tea on all things nail tech – the truths, the tips, and the tricks that will skyrocket your social media game!☕💅🏼

Have you ever found yourself wondering HOW do they do it? The flawless nailfies that sprinkle through your feed... Well,  the art of nailing a flawless feed is about to be your new niche. So, perhaps you're itching to give your feed a serious theme upgrade or jump on those TikTok trends? Well, guess what? We've got your back, and we've got it all covered in this one! So buckle up, because it's time to take your nail game to a whole new level!

 First up we have our VIP, Hari Hatfield! Who is going to be giving you the INSTAGRAM rundown!

Collage showing the Instagram profile of nailsby_harieva with images of her nail art, such as french manicure nails, and halo gel colours by pure nails

What is something you’ve learnt along the way of growing your social media, that you wish you knew from the start?

That it takes time and it won’t happen overnight. It has taken me almost 4 years to get my social media looking in a way I’m happy with through trial and error! If I could go back and tell myself one thing it would be to not compare myself to others. 

How do you get the picture-perfect ‘Nailfie’?

For me I love the dark, moody aesthetic for nail photos! My top tips are: 

  •  Get yourself a nail lamp that is movable so you can angle the light behind the nails, this helps block out the background
  •  Invest in a daylight bulb for your lamp and turn off all other lights in your room, you’re going to want the room as dark as possible
  • Clean your camera! It’s amazing how crisp the photos come out when it’s freshly cleaned with no dust and fingerprints on it
  • Take your time and take loaaads of photos. You don’t want to just take the one photo and find it’s blurry or off centre 🥲 try lots of hand poses too 
  • I always leave my photos as natural as I can but mess about with the exposure, brightness and vignette setting the get that deep, moody look 
An Iphone taking a picture of a pure nails halo gel colour polish bottle with instructions on how to take a good photo, lock focus and adjust brightness
(This is for iPhone users)  

     How do I ask clients for nail pics before the end of an appointment?

    On my nail consent forms I send to my clients via email I have a section on there to ask whether clients are happy for photos and for their photos to be used on social media. This helps prepare your client that photos may be taken at their appointment. 

    With new clients I can sometimes be abit shy to ask at first so I tend to ask whilst I’m applying their top coat in a casual manner. For example ‘would you mind if I grabbed a quick couple of photos at the end for my social media at all please? I love the set we did today!’ 

    As you build a relationship with your clients they’ll soon get into the swing of posing for nail photos and loads of my clients automatically know what poses to go into now and I feel very comfortable taking as many photos/videos as I need. 

    How do you network with other nail technicians on social media?

    I try to engage as much as possible with other nail techs on social media by liking/commenting on and sharing their work. I’ve made amazing friends with both local and non-local nail techs! 

    What are your top 3 tips on creating a ‘theme’ to your social media page?

    Find an aesthetic that you like and feel like you can create. For example if you like using natural lighting in outdoor settings, deep/moody lighting. For me I love the dark/moody aesthetic as it’s something I can apply to all of my content no matter the day/time or season! 

    Post your work that you want to represent you! This will help your clients to know what sort of service they will expect from you. 

     Don’t be afraid to change if you’re not feeling your current theme! Trends come and go and your taste may develop and change over the course of your career. If you flick through my Instagram you’ll see plenty of themes I have tried out before I found one that worked for me! 

    What do you think is the most under-rated content to have on your Instagram?

     Stories!! I love viewing other people sorties and interacting with them. I try to post stories daily to keep my page at the top of people pages and to show my followers a little insight into ‘behind the scenes’ 

     What are your ‘MUST HAVES’ for a successful Instagram Page?

    • Post consistently! 
    • Mix up your hand poses 
    • Create reels!! 
    • Engage in other accounts 

     Time for TikTok!! We are handing over to our in-house nail tech, Michaela!

    An Iphone showing the Instagram profile of 'gelalicious' showcasing her nail art using halo gel colours polish, and french manicure nails, as well as a gif of a client posing for nail photos

    How do you keep on top of TikTok Trends?

    I am a TikTok addict, so am constantly on there. Memes and trending sounds are the most popular trend to jump on. You can adapt whatever is trending to your business and create a niche. You have to be quick though as TikTok is fast paced and a trend can pass by very quickly. 

    What is something you’ve learnt along the way of growing your TikTok, that you wish you knew from the start?

    Just have fun with it!! TikTok is totally different from Instagram in the way you can have a bit more fun with your videos and try different trends. I was using videos at first that I would use on Instagram but found they were not getting many views. So I switched it up with more real life footage such as “A day in the Life”. Instagram I find has to be very clean and pristine with your videos and posts so it’s nice to step away to another platform and create a different kind of content. You can really start to share your personality and have a giggle with your audience!

    How do you make your TikToks that little bit more ‘professional’ looking?

    Lighting is everything so I invested in my studio light which my favourite purchase from last year. It makes a huge difference when filming and makes the videos more professional. You want to stand out from the crowd so investing in your set up is a must.

    What are your ‘MUST HAVE’ Videos, to help grow your TikTok platform?

    The most videos that gain engagement are things such as POV, any trending nail art, day in the life’s, nail haul or any quirky meme. But as I mentioned before just have fun and experiment with it. Find out what gets the best interaction, and what you enjoy creating the most!

    What has been your favourite TikTok that you have created to date?

    My favourite and most popular TikTok I created was when I asked my client to put a sheet over her head...(stay with me on this!) I then got my sister in law to film me taking a video off my clients nails. Combined with a trending and funny sound to go with it, it’s reached over 1.2 million!!! I couldn’t believe something so silly and so quick to film reached so many people who loved it. Definitely a highlight for me.

    How do I ask clients to film nail content before the end of an appointment?

    My clients are used to me by now and I always have my filming set up ready to go so I can film content throughout there appointments. Filming everything you do even if you don’t use the content right away can be saved for a later date. 

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