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How to look after your Gel Polish Manicure

If you’ve recently had your nails done using Halo Gel Polish, your nail tech may have sent you here for pointers and tips on how to look after your fresh manicure.

Believe it or not, gel nail polish has been around in the UK for fewer than 15 years. In that time, it’s become one of the most popular nail enhancements thanks to its quick drying time and chip resistant formula. However, this is dependant on how well you look after them.

There are a number of things you can do to look after your gel polish manicure and prolong its lifespan. It’s worth investing in a cuticle oil to take home and apply every evening. Cuticles and nails are often exposed to cold, sunlight and chemicals which can leave them dry, cracked, and sore. Cuticle oil moisturises these areas and will help to protect your set for an elongated time. We’d recommend our Cuticle Feed with Dropper.

Take care when using your hands around chemicals, particularly cleaning products, washing up liquid, gardening, and hair dye for example! Wear gloves where possible to help protect your nails from chipping, lifting, or cracking.

If you’re finding your manicure is lasting less than 2 weeks, ask your nail technician to try Halo Gel Polish Rubber Base Coat. It’s ideal for those who suffer from weak and brittle nails that are prone to chipping and lifting. The Rubber Base Coat works by providing flexibility and preventing cracks from appearing within the gel polish itself, giving your manicure some staying power.

The last tip to looking after your fresh manicure is not to pick at your nails. We repeat, do not pick your nails. Peeling and picking can be detrimental to a manicure and can damage your natural nails, causing them to become dry and brittle, meaning any future gel polish may not stay put. If it’s time for your gel polish to be removed, contact your nail tech who will remove it in a safe and harmless way.

For more information on looking after your fresh manicure, contact your nail technician who will be able to help further!

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