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Helping to Treat Thin, Peeling Nails

If you or your client suffers from thin nails that have a tendency to peel, you may find this blog useful. It’s no secret that dry and brittle nails can make a gorgeous manicure and gel polish have a short life. Thankfully, however, there are a number of things you can do to help treat nails that are prone to thinness and peeling.

Firstly, it may be your lifestyle that is causing your nails to become brittle. Those who often use harsh chemicals to clean or frequently wash their hands may experience weakened nails. Luckily, avoiding this is relatively easy; just opt for a pair of Marigolds to keep your talons protected!

Did you know those with an iron deficiency suffer from soft and weak nails? This is because of the lack of oxygen flow throughout the body which results in slow cell growth. If you’ve been suffering with frail nails for a while, why not book a doctor’s appointment to see if your iron levels could be the culprit? It may be that all you need is a multivitamin to help you get your ideal daily intake.

The medical term for peeling nails is onychoschizia. It most commonly appears in women and is very rarely a sign of an internal disease, though it’s important to get any changes to your nail bed checked out by a medical professional. 

Here at Pure Nails, we know how common dry, peeling, thin and soft nails can be, which is why we’ve developed an array of fantastic products to help our customers nails get back to their best.

Base Coat + Calcium

As mentioned, dry and brittle nails can often be a sign that your body is lacking certain nutrients. A lack of calcium can lead to weakened, brittle and dry nails, so incorporating it into your base coat is the ideal way to help your nail beds get some extra vitamins. Not to mention it’s the perfect foundation for Halo Gel Polish, too.

Prep It Cuticle Feed

If you’re not regularly applying cuticle oil, it’s time to get into the habit of doing so. Cuticle oil is the perfect way to moisturise nails and help to protect them from any trauma. Nails that are dry and brittle can quickly lead to thinning and peeling, so using a cuticle oil twice a day can help to prevent this from happening. You can apply cuticle oil to bare or manicured nails, so there’s no excuse! Plus, if you’re wearing gel polish, cuticle oil can also protect it and help shine to last longer.

Vitamin Power

This Vitamin Power is an intense feed for damaged, tired nails. It has the ability to rejuvenate and revitalise the natural nail, making it ideal for use with nails that are dry, brittle and prone to peeling. This liquid should be used on a daily basis for 7 to 10 days and then weekly to help maintain healthy and happy nail beds. It also acts as a base coat so your Halo Gel Polish can be applied directly over the top.

Halo EasiBuild

EasiBuild is the new generation of builder gel; it can be used with sculpting forms or nail tips to create beautiful, strong nails and is available in a variety of colours or can be painted over with Halo Gel Polish. Alternatively, EasiBuild can be used in thin coats over the natural nail to help create a layer of strength that keeps nails protected from wear and tear or peeling layers. If your nails are prone to breaking and peeling, EasiBuild is the ideal product for you.

Have any of our other products helped you overcome thin and peeling nails? Let us know which ones over on our Facebook, Halo group, Twitter or Instagram!

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